Palin: Not Too Late to Enter GOP Goat Rodeo

The Associated Press reports:

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Sarah Palin says it's not too late for someone to jump into the Republican presidential race.

Asked by Fox Business Network's "Follow the Money" about the likelihood that she'd become a candidate, the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee said it's not too late for "folks" to jump in. Said Palin: "Who knows what will happen in the future."

The full interview is scheduled for broadcast Monday night... >more


Virginia Teabaggers Take Issue With Allen's Endorsement Claims

Senator Macaca steps in it

Wesley P. Hester reports in the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

While surfing the Web last week, Kerry Scott was surprised to learn that she had endorsed U.S. Senate candidate George Allen.

After receiving a quizzical email from a friend, Scott found her name attached to a release from Allen's campaign titled: "Virginia Tea Party Patriots Endorse George Allen for U.S. Senate." The list includes more than 100 individuals from across the state, and in most cases, their respective organizations.

But while Scott is indeed affiliated with the movement, heading the Alexandria Tea Party, she never lent her support to Allen, a former Virginia governor seeking to reclaim the Senate seat he lost to Jim Webb in 2006.

"I don't know where that list was generated or who put it together," she said, noting that she immediately called Allen's campaign and had her name removed from the list on Allen's website.

In fact, Scott was already spoken for - by one of Allen's rivals for the GOP nomination. For months, Scott has been on an endorsement list for Jamie Radtke, a Chesterfield County tea party activist.

"I really, really want a fresh face in D.C., and I really want a citizen legislator who's going to say no to all the spending and growth of government," Scott said.

She noted that Allen's release also had the name of her tea party organization wrong... >more


Batso Bachmann: "Absurd" to volunteer for waterboarding to prove it's not torture

GOP Presidential hopeful defends practice, breaks Goofy Meter again

Eric Kleefeld reports at Talking Points Memo:
In an extensive interview with the Des Moines Register’s editorial board, Michele Bachmann defended the practice of waterboarding. But would she herself ever get waterboarded, so that she could more knowledgeably speak about it? Don’t be absurd.

During her defense of the practice, Bachmann disagreed with the questioner’s premise that waterboarding is torture: “It was called an enhanced interrogation technique that was used to bring about information.” She did concede, though, that it is “uncomfortable.”

“If I had knowledge that we could use something like a waterboarding to be able to save the American people, would I use that?” Bachmann asked rhetorically. “Yes I would, because waterboarding does not kill anyone. Is it uncomfortable? Yet, it’s uncomfortable, but I am more concerned that we would prevent aircraft from going into the Twin Towers, taking them down, and taking out 3,000 innocent American lives, than I am about the comfort level of a terrorist, and what that means for them..." >more


Rick Perry Doesn't Know If Obama's Birth Certificate Is Real

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any More St00pid: Corndog Deep-Throating Texas Guv Infected With Trumpitis

Kim Geiger reports in the L.A. Times:

After dining last month with Donald Trump, Texas Gov. Rick Perry isn't sure that President Obama's birth certificate is real.

The GOP presidential candidate was asked by Parade magazine whether he believed that Obama was born in the United States.

"I have no reason to think otherwise," he said.

Pressed for a "definitive" answer, Perry continued: "Well, I don't have a definitive answer, because he's never seen my birth certificate."

"But you've seen his," the interviewer replied.

"I don’t know. Have I?" Perry said. ...>more


Texas Hotel Tosses Out Tea Party Conference Featuring Pam Gellar After Threatened Protests

Does that tacky little pendant of hers say... "Love"?

Daryle Lamont Jenkins
reports at One People's Project:

Pam Geller has two degrees of seperation from Jared Taylor. She works for neo-con bigot David Horowitz, who has also published writings by Taylor and others that are also found in Taylor's publication American Renaissance. So she should not be surprised that she is being treated like Jared Taylor. It seems the locals of Sugarland, TX are none too pleased about a teabagger outfit bringing her to town. And they were making noise about Hyatt Place hosting it. Responding to their complaints, as they have with American Renaissance, they shut their doors to the event. The teabaggers moved the event to another location, but it is a good sign that people are making this kind of noise about these particular characters a lot more now. Hey, she and her crowd might take a cue from Jared Taylor & Co. and start holding their events in public facilities where they say they cannot be denied use. That's why the National Policy Insitiute held their conference at the Reagan Building in DC on Sept. 10, and why Taylor is using government-owned facility that is about a 45 minute drive from Nashville, TN on March 16-18, 2012. A little flaw in that by the way: A facility that's open to the public means it is open to the public they don't like which means events like this can be pretty damned interesting to the creative activist. In other words, if folks are being proactive against people like this be they Geller, Taylor, NPI or whatever, they are going to be pretty effective in that, no matter what those clowns do... >more


Tea Party Nation goes off meds, calls for small businesses to stop hiring to undermine Obama

Not that we here at the TW give a rat's ass what happens to Obama, but, still...

...check out this epic Tourette's outburst at Tea Party Nation. They really do want small businesses to go "on strike" -- to stop hiring workers just to bring down the Obama Administration... as if Obama isn't already doing a bang-up job of bringing down himself:

Resolved that: The Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Senate, in alliance with a global Progressive socialist movement, have participated in what appears to be a globalist socialist agenda of redistribution of wealth, and the waging of class warfare against our constitutional republic's heritage of individual rights, free market capitalism, and indeed our Constitution itself, with the ultimate goal of collapsing the U.S. economy and globalizing us into socialism.

Resolved that: President Obama has seized what amount to dictatorial powers to bypass our Congress, and that because the Congress is controlled by a Progressive socialist Senate that will not impeach one of their kind, they have allowed this and yielded what are rightfully congressional powers to this new dictator...

Eyes not burning yet? Great! There's more...!


Breitbart's Delicate Dance: Embracing Racists and Denying Racism

For the real scoop, check out some of the comments on his Web site

John Amato writes at Crooks & Liars:
I've seen Breitbart's "conservative racism" demagoguery up close and personal a few times and I called him out on it on a panel. He'll go on for hours on end about how liberals use racism as a tool against the tea party and conservatives because we're just meanies. Because there is no racism in American conservatism.

Breitbart's real bugaboo is the accusation of racism against the patriotic Americans in the tea party. In his March 25 column "2010: A Race Odyssey," he writes:

"As I have said over and over and over, the left has one trick that it will use again and again when its back is in the corner: shout "racist" in a crowded country.... Are we going to allow the left to use its despicable acts of lies and intimidation to shut up legitimate dissent on a subject that has nothing to do with race?"

Maybe he can read his own commenters.

Little Green Footballs:

Of all the right wing race-baiting demagogues, Andrew Breitbart is one of the most duplicitous and dishonest, continually denying that any racism exists in the conservative/Tea Party movement, and whipping out the tired old “reverse racism” talking points every chance he gets.

So let’s have a look at Breitbart’s own website, where commenters are responding to a video clip of President Obama speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus, with the ridiculously exaggerated title: Breitbart.tv » Obama Loses Cool At Black Caucus Dinner; ‘Stop Complaining’ And March.

These comments are just from a quick skim through the first few pages. And keep in mind that these dozens and dozens of vile, openly racist remarks are right next to complaints that they’re being unjustly accused of racism.

…and can I get a ham sammich with some grey poupon and an orange soda up in this mthrfckr. I gots to get on the plane and fly out west to meet with some rich white folk- gonna get me some money and Michele goin get her freak on at Nordstroms.


That’s it Barry Zero. Jack everyone up maybe you can start a race war,

then blame it on the tea party. ...>more

For your further entertainment: watch Little Andy go off his meds at last year's CPAC.


Sarah Palin Offered $1 Million To Take Polygraph Test

Watch The Machine Explode

Alexis Tereszcuk reports at radaronline.com:
Put your money where your mouth is Sarah Palin!

In a newly released book by Joe McGinniss the former Governor of Alaska is accused of cheating on her husband Todd Palin, with his ex-business partner, a charge which she vehemently denies, and RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that the adult website AshleyMadison.com has offered the Palins $1 million to prove their innocence.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENT: Sarah Palin Offered Big Payday To Take Polygraph

"His book is full of disgusting lies, innuendo and smears," Todd Palin said of the book, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.

The website has offered Sarah and Todd Palin a "unique platform to prove that these allegations are not true," according to a letter exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com. ...>more


Meet The Death Panel

Real America Shows Itself To World; CNN Studio Audience Of Teabaggers Cheers Idea Of Sick, Uninsured People Being Allowed To Die

The video pretty much says it all.

CNN Throws A Tea Party

Allegedly "Centrist" News Network Snuggles Up To Far Right

fair.org reports on 09.12.11:
Tonight's Republican debate might look familiar, with a well-known journalist posing questions to a stage full of candidates. But CNN's event is actually a co-production of sorts with the far-right Tea Party Express, raising serious questions about a journalistic outlet's decision to formally partner with a controversial political group.

As CNN explained the relationship (9/8/11):
CNN and the Tea Party Express, along with more than 100 local Tea Party groups from every state across the country, will team up Monday, September 12, to present a first-of-its-kind debate from the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention.
The CNN statement adds:
In addition to questions from [CNN's Wolf] Blitzer, audience members inside the debate hall, made up in part by members from Tea Party groups in 31 states and the District of Columbia, will be invited to ask questions directly to the candidates. Questions will also be taken live from Tea Party members at debate watch parties in Phoenix, Arizona; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Portsmouth, Virginia.
There were earlier indications that the event would be structured to cater to the Tea Party's ideological agenda. The Associated Press (6/14/11) reported that, according to CNN, "topics for the debate will be tailored for the interests of this political insurgent movement." When the partnership was announced, CNN political director Sam Feist (Daily Kos, 12/17/10) called the Tea Party movement "a fascinating, diverse grassroots force."

It's unusual for a centrist news outlet to take an openly partisan group as a partner in producing a political event; we can't recall progressive groups being granted any similar opportunities in recent years. ...>more


Sam Smith: How To Outflank The Tea Party (And Barack Obama)

"...we are faced with a politics reduced to two Mafia mobs, between which we will be asked to choose in 2012."

Sam Smith writes at the Progressive Review:
Pablo Davis in Memphis sent me a quote from the Argentinian essayist Arturo Jauretche that got me thinking about the key question of the day in a different sort of way.

That question, if you haven’t noticed, is this: what the hell do we do now?

The quote from Jauretche was: “The technique of our enemies is to demoralize and depress the people. Demoralized people don’t triumph and that’s was we come here today to battle joyfully. Nothing great can be accomplished from sadness. “

One of the reasons the right is doing so much better than the left these days is that the right has passion, while the left mostly has logic.

The problem with logic is that it easily ignores the passionate and the joyful. In its name, we trivialize the trivial, discounting the importance of the little things that keep people going in bad times.

The journalist Russell Baker understood this, writing once that, “Being solemn is easy. Being serious is hard ... Children almost always begin by being serious, which is what makes them so entertaining when compared to adults as a class ... Adults, on the whole, are solemn ... Being solemn has almost nothing to do with being serious.”

I understood this from an early age because my introduction to politics was not ideological or logical but as an eleven year old stuffing envelopes in a campaign that ended 69 years of Republican rule in Philadelphia. I had never seen anything quite as much fun and exciting as a political campaign office.

Many years later, I would write, “We have lost much of what was gained in the 1960s and 1970s because we traded in our passion, our energy, our magic and our music for the rational, technocratic and media ways of our leaders. We will not overcome the current crisis solely with political logic. We need living rooms like those in which women once discovered they were not alone. The freedom schools of SNCC. The politics of the folk guitar. The plays of Vaclav Havel. The pain of James Baldwin. The laughter of Abbie Hoffman. The strategy of Gandhi and King. Unexpected gatherings and unpredicted coalitions. People coming together because they disagree on every subject save one: the need to preserve the human. Savage satire and gentle poetry. Boisterous revival and silent meditation. Grand assemblies and simple suppers. Above all, we must understand that in leaving the toxic ways of the present we are healing ourselves, our places, and our planet. We rebel not as a last act of desperation but as a first act of creation." ...>more


Miss Piggy Pitches A Fit On "Fox & Friends"

AFL-CIO Honcho Calls Teabaggers "Sons Of Bitches"; Champion Purveyors Of Violent Rhetoric Whine, Stomp Little Feet; Hilarity Ensues

So, just to recap... Jimmy Hoffa Jr. delivers a typically Hoffaesque speech in which he rips the Teabaggers a new one and calls for voters to "take out the sons of bitches", followed by the Teabaggers -- who frequently show up at rallies armed and whose candidates for the House and Senate talk about "Second Amendment solutions" -- getting all butthurt about coarse, violent rhetoric. What a bunch of pussies. Here's Miss Piggy on Fox & Friends getting her little panties in a twist while interviewing Donkeycratic Party Chair "Little Debbie" Wasserman Schultz:

Now, mind you, we here at the offices of the TW aren't exactly fans of the tepid corporate centrists which comprise the Donkeycratic Party, and yet we found ourselves cheering just a bit as we watched Little Debbie flicking off Miss Piggy in what had to be the most awesome catfight we'd ever seen on the screen since the legendary stripper catfight in 1962's The Brain That Wouldn't Die, shown here for comparison:



Quitty McQuitter Quits Again

Reported Bailing on Iowa Teabagger Event

Danny Yadron reports at the Wall Street Journal:
Sarah Palin’s Saturday appearance at a tea party rally in Indianola, Iowa, is on hold, a person close to the former Alaska governor told The Wall Street Journal.

The person said Ms. Palin’s appearance was “no longer confirmed” and cited “continual lying” from event organizers at Tea Party of America, including a recent mixup over whether former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell of Delaware would also speak.

Ms. Palin is known for last-minute schedule changes that whipsaw supporters and media across the country. But the latest decision is puzzling. Ms. Palin’s speech at the rally was viewed as her most high-profile appearance of the summer, fueling speculation she was indeed plotting to run for the Republican presidential nomination... >more


Frantz Kebreau: We Tried To Tell You, Man!

Black Conservative who spoke at Philly "Uni-Tea" Party rally leaves group; cites white supremacist connections

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One People's Project:

Truth is truth no matter how much someone tries to spin it, and when it comes to the racial antagonism teabaggers pretend they are not about, the truth will keep coming at them until it takes them out. The number of times we have caught the teabagging crowd cavorting with neo-Nazis and other assorted white supremacists makes them look sillier and sillier when they deny it is going on. But one thing that we knew was going to happen sooner or later was a black conservative having enough of it. That happened today, with a guy we came across at the "See? We're not racist" event in Philly last year called the Uni-TEA rally. Frantz Kebreau (pictured) was the National Director of the so-called National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of All Colors, but he had since stepped down, and his replacement James C. Marshall reached out to conservative people who were only interested in one color - and it was most certainly not black. That upset Kebreau something awful, and after giving the group the chance to correct this, decided to cut his ties. Now the NAACPC is one of those right-wing groups that like to pretend conservatives are not racist by touting all the pro-black things the Republican Party 100 years ago. Needless to say, that crap never works because we are talking about what conservatives are doing and what they are doing now. Mr. Kebreau, last year we reached out to you about the scumbags in your camp that do this, but like most of the folks in it we just assumed that you were more interested in being a conservative than being a human being for you to care. We hope this means we're wrong... >more


Bachmann Staffer's Ties To Uganda's "Kill Gays" Bill

Igor Volsky reports at ThinkProgress:
Jim Burroway has a good post exploring the troubling connection between GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and Peter E. Waldron, a campaign staffer “responsible for her faith-based organizing both in Iowa and South Carolina.” Yesterday, the Atlantic reported on Waldron’s “arrest in Uganda in 2006 on charges of running illegal guns and ammunition,” but Borroway explores his deeper ties to the country’s infamous “kill gays” legislation and radical Christian theology... >more


Charles Dyer: Teabagger, Oath Keeper, Fugitive

Daryle Lamont Jenkins reports at One People's Project:

In January 2010, we reported on Former Marine Sgt., teabagger favorite and then-Oathkeeper member Charles Allan Dyer, who is better known among the right-wing looney bin as "July4Patriot" on YouTube, as he was being picked up on charges that he stole a grenade launcher from an Army base and raped an underaged member of his family. Well when you're dealing with this crowd of idiots everything is conspiracy and nothing that you see is real, even the stuff that is. So to that end, the pseudo-patriots rallied around him enmasse, and voila, charges started to fall by the wayside, namely the grenade launcher charge and we still don't know how he pulled that off. The child-rape charge stuck, however, but in April the case ended up in a mistrial. The retrial was today. But wait! There's more! It seems that his trailer home was burned to the ground on Friday and his girlfriend is now sitting in jail on possible arson charges. But wait! There's MORE! Charles Dyer's stuff - including all his firearms were not in the home during the fire! No doubt, the looney bin will still support him, but the saner folks among us are most assuredly saying that this guy is dirt, but we need to catch up to him and fast - before he decides to keep his "oath" Oslo style or something. That's not a joke either... >more


Newsweek Releases Outtakes From Bachmann "Crazy" Photo Sessions

Teabaggers Feeling All Butthurt; Geezing Old-Guard Feminists Cry "Sexism"

Never mind the fact that here at the offices of the TW, none of us can recall seeing a single photo of Michele Bachmann where she doesn't look flat-out batshit -- not to mention the fact that the old broad pretty much is batshit, and exploits the rage of white working-class America.

The Daily Beast reports:
The straight-ahead shot of Michele Bachmann on the cover of this week's Newsweek, taken by freelance photographer Chris Buck in a Washington, D.C., hotel room, “raises eyebrows,” according to The Huffington Post. “There’s no denying that Bachmann firmly believes what she believes. Some might think she’s crazy because of it. Cover photos like this one help to cement that image,” wrote The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart. “It’s sexist,” NOW president Terry O’Neill told The Daily Caller. ...>more


BREAKING: Andrew Breitbart's BIG Announcement



140 Characters, No Plot

The winners in TheTeaParty.net's GOP Twitter debate: the candidates who didn't show up

David Weigel reports at Slate:

There were five winners in today’s first-of-its kind Twitter presidential debate. They were Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Buddy Roemer, and Mitt Romney. All of them are running for president, and all of them skipped the event, missing out on the most dignity-shredding, IQ-lowering pseudo-event of the campaign so far.

The six candidates who participated did themselves no damage. They couldn’t if they’d tried. The debate, put on by TheTeaParty.net and a grab-bag of conservative groups, attracted an audience of devout activists, smart-assed liberals, and easily-ignored interest groups. They started early, tweeting thoughts @140townhall and clicking a button on the event website that informed fellow tweeters who they thought would win.

“@TheHermanCain Will you be able to out debate Pres. #Obama as you did Pres. Clinton?” asked @BradMarston.

“@TeamBachmann You go!” tweeted LisaRichards124. “You're a real conservative & we need You! Keep speaking out & don’t give up!”

Shortly after 3 p.m., when the event was supposed to start, the conservative radio host Rusty Humphries began his live broadcast. His theme song was a straight rip/loving tribute of the theme from Team America.

RUSTY! Heck yeah! On the air, and he's gonna save the day, yeah!

It took a while for things to get going. Humphries killed time by interviewing the moderator, the author and TV pundit S.E. Cupp, about the meaning of it all.

“This is, I think, as substantive as you can get,” said Cupp. “You have a limited amount of time, a limit amount of text.”

What was wrong with the candidates that didn’t show?

“I question their judgment,” said Cupp. “They’ve got a captive audience.”

“I think some of this is cowardice,” offered Humphries. “Mitt Romney thinks he's going to sail to the nomination.” ...>more


NC Tea Party Lunatic Congressional Candidate Back and Better Than Ever for 2012

More clutter, more tackiness, more crazy!

As you'll recall, we here at the TW awarded loony Teabagger George Hutchins our coveted "Funniest Campaign Web Site EVER" Award about a year and a half ago. Well, ol' George is back and better than ever for his 2012 Congressional run. Move your coffee and cat away from the keyboard and check out the bigger, better and loonier than ever George Hutchins For Congress campaign site! Don't say you weren't warned.


GOP Candidates Prepare for "Tea Party Debate" on Twitter

...but GOP officials unsure if most Teabaggers know how to use Twitter: "It's like a fax machine, right?"

Alex Pappas reports on The Daily Caller:

This isn’t your typical Jim Lehrer-moderated debate on PBS.

Next week, seven Republican presidential candidates will take the virtual stage on Twitter in what’s being billed as the first “Tea Party presidential debate.”

The website "TheTeaParty.Net" says seven candidates for president have agreed to participate in its July 20 Twitter debate. The group will pose questions to the candidates on the social networking platform. The candidates are expected to respond in real-time.

Radio host S.E. Cupp will moderate the event, which viewers can watch live at www.140townhall.com.

“It’s about time the candidates started acknowledging the relevance of social networking,” Cupp said in an email. “Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are democratizing the media and changing the way we consume news. It was only a matter of time before someone thought to put the traditional debate format online.”

The group says Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will participate.... >more


Outrageous Revisionism: Breitbart's "Big Government" Compares ACORN to KKK

Are you sitting down for this one?

David Neiwert reports at Crooks And Liars:

As Eric Boehlert notes, Andrew Breitbart has a real credibility problem, and it extends well beyond his journalistic malfeasance in the ACORN video hoax.

His website, Big Government, is similarly developing a reputation for running blatantly dishonest commentary, often in the cause of defending the videos and their makers or likewise attacking ACORN. The latest example was pointed out by Matt Tatum at AmSpec and Dave Weigel, who both called out this atrocity from "historian" Michael Zak at Andrew Breitbart's "Big Government" blog:

Democrats used the Klan to suppress their political opposition, with vote fraud and intimidation and violence. Klansmen aimed at African-Americans, nearly all Republicans in those days, and at white Republicans who tried to help them. Once threatened by the KKK, Republicans could in many cases save their lives only by publicly swearing allegiance to the Democratic Party. According to a southern governor, "Few Republicans dare sleep in their houses at night."

"The suppression of enough GOP votes could ensure a Democratic victory," wrote one historian. "There's no question that Klansmen closely watched the polls" - easy to do before the secret ballot was introduced in the United States in the 1880s. All too often, Republican ballots were not even counted.

Like ACORN, the Ku Klux Klan operated with impunity until Republican politicians and journalists sounded an alarm. In 1869, Nathan Bedford Forrest, the KKK's Grand Dragon, ordered the Klan disbanded. Why? The national organization was getting too much attention, so Klansmen would have to soldier on in state-level organizations, such as the Red Shirts in South Carolina and the Men of Justice in Alabama. Nonetheless, most members of these spin-off groups considered themselves to be Klansmen.

Good God. It's hard to know where to begin. Let's try with Weigel's observation:

The fact that the KKK suppressed and terrorized black voters while ACORN, well, doesn’t — sort of left out here.

More to the point, the entire raison d'etre of the Klan was to disenfranchise black voters, to terrorize them into submission and to ensure that they could not participate as full citizens. According to historians, they killed an estimated 20,000 people in the years 1866-1870 alone (see Philip Dray, At the Hands of Persons Unknown: The Lynching of Black America, p. 49). Indeed, the Klansmen of the postwar period essentially negated the war's outcome by destroying Reconstruction through a campaign of terrorist violence that encompassed massacres, white citizen militias destroying black townships, and the complete destruction of the voting franchise for black people, thereby ensuring white rule for the next century and beyond. (For more on this, be sure to read Stephen Budiansky's riveting account, The Bloody Shirt: Terror After the Civil War, which was excerpted in the New York Times.) ...>more


Democratic Group Asks Koch Brothers for Donations After Attacking Them

It's official: there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans

Chris Moody reports at The Ticket:
Koch Industries, the billion-dollar energy conglomerate that faces regular attacks from liberal groups for donating millions to conservative and free-market political causes, reported that a national Democratic group approached the company seeking campaign donations. The appeal went out out over the signature of Washington Sen. Patty Murray, who chairs the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).

The DSCC asked Koch for a five-figure donation, a request the company is making very public after it weathered months of criticism from Democrats, including the DSCC.

A Koch spokesman responded to the request with a scathing letter to Murray.
"For many months now, your colleagues in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee leadership have engaged in a series of disparagements and ad hominem attacks about us, apparently as part of a concerted political and fundraising strategy," wrote Philip Ellender, Koch's president of government and public affairs. "So you can imagine my chagrin when I got a letter from you on June 17 asking us to make five-figure contributions to the DSCC. You followed that up with a voicemail indicating that, if we contributed heavily enough, we would garner an invitation to join you and other Democratic leaders at a retreat in Kiawah Island this September." ...>more


Tea Party Nation Column Warns of Dangers of "Non-European Immigrants"

Kase Wickman reports at The Raw Story:

Former Washington Times columnist Eliana Benador, who was fired for writing a piece speculating that former Rep. Anthony Weiner had converted to Islam and was pushing a "socialist political agenda," has found a new home for her controversial work: Tea Party Nation.

RightWingWatch.org, a watchdog for conservative media that is part of political activism group People for the American Way, excerpted Benador's debut column on the conservative social networking site, meditating on the "invasion of America" by "non-European immigrants."

"As we celebrate America’s Independence Day, it’s noteworthy that the percentage reduction of original American voters, might have been a defining factor in the election of someone like the current president, who among other goals, seems to be keen in opening further our borders to endlessly increasing numbers of immigrants who, regardless of their skin color, are bringing in a whole new texture of culture, 100% foreign to what America’s origins were as its wonderful adventure began back in 1776," Benador wrote.

Tea Party Nation has previously published writings that warn of the impending "extinction" of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) population. ...>more

NY Man Gives Life in Struggle Against Odious Federal Nanny State

Freedom Isn't Free


Hollyweird's Jewish Right Embraces Bachmann "The Hated Jew" as One of Their Own

"Big Journalism" Crank Pens Weirdest, Craziest Load Of Crap Ever: "...She dresses like a lady, modest but fashionable...I’ve never seen her in a Hillary-style pants suit... Blood libels..." Jeezus, Where Does Breitbart Find These People?

Robert J. Avrech spews at Big Journalism:
When Sarah Palin burst upon the national scene and the liberal media attempted to destroy her, it occurred to me that this honest and decent woman was being transformed into a hated Jew. No matter what she said, no matter how she acted, to the herd mentality of the liberal media she was not just wrong but evil.

Each rhetorical bombardment against her was and is reminiscent of the Arab strategy to demonize Jews and Israel.

The attacks on Palin were and are blood libels.

The latest ghoulish assault — liberalism is socialism as lynch mob — on her was the mob frenzy to analyze some 24,000 Palin e-mails from her tenure as Alaska’s governor.

When Obama’s twenty-year discipleship to Jew-hater Jeremiah Wright was finally revealed, the liberal media dismissed this disgusting alliance as nothing more than guilt by association. We wonder if liberals would have the same attitude if it were revealed that a Republican presidential candidate attended KKK meetings for twenty years.

We sort of doubt it.

Wright’s church is the black ideological mirror of the KKK. But for the liberal media the Obama/Wright man-crush was of zero interest. And there certainly was no clamor to turn up, let alone comb through, any juicy correspondence or cyber trail Obama may have left behind as a state legislator and U.S. senator.

Much to the chagrin of the propagandists who masquerade as journalists, the mountains of e-mail reveal Palin as a hard-working, effective public servant: transparent, humorous, distrustful of oil companies and willing to take on the corrupt Republican Party elite of Alaska.

Nevertheless, the blood libels will continue because liberals simply cannot bear the notion that a smart, beautiful and independent woman can be ideologically conservative... >more (if you can stand it)


Michele Bachmann's New Campaign Song...

...because Tom Petty won't let her use "American Girl" -- and because the old gal really knows how to bring the Crazee!


Bachmann Flunkies Edit Wikipedia to Cover Candidate's Recent Gaffes

Life Imitates "Saturday Night Live"

Stephen C. Webster reports at The Raw Story:

Several strange edits have shown up on Wikipedia entries pertaining to famed Americans referenced by Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann -- specifically, it appears that her fans have attempted to rewrite the lives of actor John Wayne and President John Quincy Adams to fit her woefully inaccurate retellings of history.

Bachmann, who officially launched her campaign yesterday in Waterloo, Iowa, told a Fox News reporter that she was proud to be in the town where John Wayne was from, because she embodies his ideals. Unfortunately for her, it turns out that the actor John Wayne was not from Waterloo, but serial killer John Wayne Gacy was.

Shortly after the gaffe, the Wikipedia page for actor John Wayne was altered to change his birthplace from Winterset, Iowa to Waterloo, apparently as an effort to cover for the misguided politician.

Another edit came after she declared Tuesday morning that the nation's sixth president, John Quincy Adams, was a "founding father," even though he was just a child when his father, the nation's second president, signed the Declaration of Independence. ...>more


All That's Glittered Is Not Gold -- Sometimes It's Silver

Alright! Looks like somebody finally got Ol' Crazy Eyes!

Mock, Paper, Scissors reports:
Anyway, it looks like Michele got glittered, though the news accounts I read makes it sound like the would-be glitterer missed and that notable homophobe and baby-mill operator Bachmann-the Nut didn’t even know it happened.

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New! Tea Party Barbie!

Tip of the hat to our pals at Mock, Paper, Scissors.

Michele "The Mad" Bachmann Lied About Raising 23 Children

How is keeping kids in your house for two or three weeks "raising" them?

Ezra Grant reports at EzKool:

The only qual­ity I’ve appre­ci­ated about Michele Bach­mann is slowly begin­ning to fall apart. On many occa­sions, Mrs. Bach­mann has claimed that she raised 23 fos­ter kids along with her 5 chil­dren, but new reports being released shows the oppo­site. Bach­mann didn’t raise 23 fos­ter kids, some of these kids only stayed in her home for a few weeks. How is that rais­ing them? ...>more


Was Americans For Prosperity NJ Director Taking A "Double Dip" Salary?

Corrupt? US? Nahhh, Get Outta Here!

New Jersey Channel 12's "Kane In Your Corner" reports:

(06/15/11) TRENTON - During his 2009 campaign for governor, Steve Lonegan received $2.7 million in matching funds. But a Kane in Your Corner investigation is taking a look at whether he misled state officials to get that money.

Lonegan was the executive director of the New Jersey chapter of Americans for Prosperity. But to obtain the matching funds, he signed forms stating that he did not manage an issue advocacy group. When his opponents challenged that statement, the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission ruled in Lonegan's favor. Commissioners believed Lonegan's claims that he was never a manager at AFP, that he only worked for the group's educational foundation, not its political advocacy side, and that he never received any personal benefit from the group.

However, Kane in Your Corner found Lonegan's statements may not have been completely accurate. ...>more


How To Write A Speech For The Teavangelicals

Riehl Politics reports:

If the Ralph Reed-inspired Faith and Freedom Coalition event this past weekend taught me anything, it was that there is a discrete formula being used by speechwriters to address the emerging “teavangelical” social conservative base, being orchestrated by Reed. The self-conscious effort to meld the tea partiers to the evangelical base was on explicit display at the conference, and Reed made clear he sees this highly motivated minority as a game changer in 2012 turnout. I don’t think he’s wrong. If the libertarian tea partiers can be melded to the Christian evangelical cohort, Reed would have achieved something along the lines of the fusionism of earlier conservative leaders who brought together anti-communist crusaders and more subdued Wall Street Republicans.

Another thing is clear: The messaging people behind all of the major GOP candidates who are wooing this critical base are all reading off the same script. Bachmann, Hunsman, Pawlenti, Romney, Santorum, Cain, Palin — those who appeared at the event, and those who didn’t — all give the same speech, with the only notable differences being in style and delivery. Here is the not-so-secret talking points memo. ...>more


How The Tea Party Gave New Life To Mexican-Hunting Right-Wing Extremists

Yasha Livine writes at The eXiled:

In May 2009, I profiled a nutty 71-year-old border vigilante named Glenn Spencer, who had converted his ranch on the Arizona-Mexico border into a hi-tech militarized security zone packed with infrared cameras, aerial drones and motion detectors. Spencer was all that stood between European-American liberty, and a Mexican Anschluss with its former territories. His goal was to demonstrate to the feds how easy it was to stop illegal border crossers, and he blew through his life savings to prove it. But Spencer’s reputation as a white supremacist and nativist meant no one heard his message in Washington; CNN’s Lou Dobbs was about the only mainstream media figure who took him seriously.

When I left his ranch back in 2009, I was sure that Spencer had reached the end of his line. His project had failed; Obama was heralding in a liberal future; the old geezer had nothing else waiting in the wings for him and nothing to look forward to, except maybe a miserable prolonged death by Alzheimers tempered by lonely alcoholism in his double-wide trailer.

So it was surprising to learn that Spencer was a big player in the Tea Party scene. Suddenly, no one in Arizona cared about his past associations with white supremacists. Instead, they were very keen on hearing his anti-immigration solutions. All of a sudden Spencer found himself hanging out with Arizona state senators, hosting GOP political events, speaking at rallies and rubbing shoulders with the creme de la creme of Arizona’s Tea Party beau monde. He was not only back in the game, he’s bigger than ever. ...>more


If Teabaggers Are Miffed When People Call Out Their Racist Elements...Well, Jeff McGeary Isn't Helping

Newtown, PA Crank Makes One People's Project "Rogues' Gallery" for Bleatings About "Western Way Of Life"

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One People's Project:
In recent months, those who call themselves Tea Party activists have been trying to suggest that they only march and rally because of economic and fiscal concerns, never social and cultural issues. Someone forgot to tell teabagger Jeff McGeary that, given his remarks during the April 6, 2011 meeting of his Thomas Jefferson Club in Bucks County, PA:
"Stand up for your rights, your beliefs, your culture, your heritage, and your identity. What binds us together in this room and this republic guys, is worth fighting for, more than any taxes, more than any other issue, is this issue of our culture and our values and our Western way of life. And the last thing that I heard from both speakers was the word 'love'. To love your people, to love your heritage, love our national family, our culture, our value, our republic. And guys, stand up for it. It's worth fighting for. Your work, your employment, about your daily task, stand up, stand up proudly and don't apologize guys."

And if those same teabaggers are miffed that people keep pointing out the racist elements in the Tea Party scene, well Jeff McGeary isn't helping. See, the two speakers that he was referring to were noted white nationalists Peter Brimelow of the hate site VDARE, and former Jesse Helms aide Louis March, a past speaker at American Renaissance and Council of Conservative Citizens conferences who touted as successes overseas what hate groups like the British National Party and France's National Front were doing in their countries. McGeary is one of those teabaggers that have been playing it coy for a few years now, but when this meeting took place it pretty much put a spotlight on what he and his Thomas Jefferson Club is really about. ...>more


Teabagger GOP Official In No. Carolina Busted For Collecting Unemployment After Libertarian Party Laid Him Off

Election campaign rode wave of anger against incumbents, opposed tax increases and Big Government™; you can't make this shit up, folks!

Kevin Maurer reports at the Wilmington Star-News:
New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger was getting unemployment benefits for at least five months from Washington, D.C., according to documents obtained by the StarNews.

Officials at Washington's Office of Unemployment Compensation sent a “wage audit notice” to New Hanover County in January asking the county to provide Berger's salary information after he was elected in November and sworn in Dec. 6.

The notice is used by the Benefit Payment Control Branch to make sure “payments are proper” and is part of the agency's fraud detection program, according to the letter. The agency confirmed that Berger's benefits stopped May 21, but would not release how much he was collecting. A New Hanover County commissioner earns about $17,000 a year, and it is not considered a full-time job. Having a part-time job does not stop the benefits, officials said, but only adjusts the benefit amount from the agency.

Berger said Thursday after a commission agenda review meeting that he worked inhouse for a trade association doing nonprofit management. He declined to name the group or when he worked there. He said the group cut staff and he lost his position.

Erna Vance, a customer service specialist at the Office of Unemployment Compensation, would not verify how much or how long Berger received the benefits. She said it is not uncommon for people to live outside Washington and get benefits because they worked in Washington. ...>more


Tea Party Rally Fizzles in South Carolina

Trump Bails, Rally Fails

This from our new friends at Look At This Fucking Teabagger:
Tea Party Rally Fizzles in South Carolina

Though as many as 2,000 people were expected at a Tea Party rally in South Carolina, just 30 showed up after Donald Trump cancelled his appearance with Gov. Nikki Haley (R), according to the Columbia State.

The picture from the rally is priceless.


Survey: White Americans Believe Anti-White Prejudice Bigger Problem Than Anti-Black Prejudice

Whiny Whites Reach New Squeaky Milestone In Victimhood

Larry McShane reports in the New York Daily News:

Anti-white prejudice - considered almost non-existent in the '50s - is now perceived among white Americans as a bigger problem than anti-black bias, according to a new study.

The report found that both races agreed anti-black prejudice declined steadily over the last 60 years, but white Americans felt that bias against them was on the upswing.

Asked to rank prejudice against blacks on a 1-10 scale in the 2000s, white respondents put the number at 3.6 - compared with 9.1 in the '50s. ...>more


Ron Paul Comes Out Of The Crypto-Segregationist Closet

Says Basic Freedoms Secondary To Property Rights

Muriel Kane reports at The Raw Story:

On the same day that he announced his candidacy for the presidency, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) made waves by telling MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that he would not have voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act if he had been in Congress at the time.

Paul dismissed claims that he is a racist as “outlandish” and said he would have voted to desegregate public facilities. He insisted, however, that private business owners have an absolute right to decide what to do with their own property. ...>more


Groundbreaking Right-Wing Research Yields "Teabagger Oil Theory"

Solar-panel installation at gunpoint part of Kenyan Marxist President's fiendish master plan

Yasha Levine writes in The eXiled:

The price of oil hit $125 today, a 33-percent increase since the start of the year, and will most likely keep going up.

For those wondering “why,” there’s a new theory that explains everything.

You’ve probably heard of “peak oil,” a theory that explains the spike in oil prices in terms of dwindling world oil reserves, and predicts a total collapse of civilization as we know it sometime in the near future unless we all move to Montana and live off the grid. But did you know that there’s a newer, better, more commonsense theory that unravels the mysteries of the oil market while staying friendly to oil companies and praising speculators? Well, there is. It’s called “teabagger oil” and comes courtesy of the same liberty-lovin’ freedom fighters who brought us the Tea Party Movement.

Just like peak-oil types, teabagger oil researchers claim to know the answer. They have unravelled the hidden Truth about Oil and why gasoline prices are so high. They know our fossil fuel-dependent society is in decline and understand the dire, apocalyptic consequences if we don’t take drastic steps to change our ways. But that’s where the similarities with peak-oilers end, and the teabagger-oil schism begins. Because unlike peakers, ‘baggers aren’t worried about scarcity or dwindling world oil reserves at all. Quite the opposite: ‘baggers are supply-optimists, hardcore believers in bottomless American oil reserves (and other fossil fuels, too), which can be extracted in a perfectly safe manner, providing cheap energy, fueling the economy, and keeping this country energy independent for a long, long time.

But there is only one thing standing in the way of this bagger-oil utopia: A grand conspiracy hatched by our Kenyan-born President Obama to purposefully strangle America’s domestic oil production and push up the price of oil. Why would Obama want to do that? Because this way, he and his radical left-wing cronies could push forward with their green-leninist energy plan that will ultimately result in collectivizing private property and forcing every American at gunpoint to put a government-subsidized windmill/solar farm in his yard. ...>more


Blast From Your Past: Palin Lovin' Teabagger Grady Warren Declares Teahad on "Nigras"

YouTube commenter says: "...his boner for Sarah Palin does not make him racist. Pretty much everything else he says does make this huckleberry a racist."

Sarah Jones reports at PoliticsUSA:

The next time a Tea Partier tells you they’re not racist, introduce them to Grady Warren. Warren is a self-described angry white man from the Tea Party, who explains to the “negras” (that’s racist for negro) that the Tea Party isn’t racist. Grady says he is running for President. I guess after Trump and Palin, anything is possible for the Teapublicans.

In order to properly dissect this animal, we need to flashback to last fall’s “We’re not racists, you ignorant negras!” video, where Grady declares a Teahad on us all. This video is also handy to show your in-laws after they denounce the President and you for “playing the race card” over Easter dinner and general debunking of conservatives’ claims that Rush et al aren’t inciting racism. Think of this as holiday inoculation, general amusement, and an answer to the question, “How low can they go?” ...>more


Orange County, California, Planet Of The Gapes: Another Teabagger Caught Emailing Racist Images

But, remember -- according to the media, the Tea Party is not racist

R. Scott Moxley reports in Orange County Weekly:

UPDATE, APRIL 17, 3:40 P.M.: Orange County Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh determined today that his group's bylaws prevent a vote to remove Marilyn Davenport as an elected member even though she emailed a racist image of President Barack Obama to fellow Tea Baggers and Republicans.

The most drastic action the party can take is a censure, he said. Meanwhile, Davenport refuses to resign and Baugh continues to seek an apology and her voluntary resignation from the central committee.

UPDATE, APRIL 16, 5:55 P.M.: This afternoon, Marilyn Davenport sent an email to fellow Orange County Republican elected officials, apologizing if anyone was offended by her depicting President Barack Obama as an ape--while also blasting the "liberal media" for reporting the story.
"I simply found it amusing regarding the character of Obama and all the questions surrounding his origin of birth," Davenport wrote. "In no way did I even consider the fact he's half black when I sent out the email. In fact, the thought never entered my mind until one or two other people [Scott Baugh, Orange County GOP boss, and this writer] tried to make this about race. . . . I received plenty of emails about George Bush that I didn't particularly like yet there was no 'cry' in the media about them."
Davenport continued: "That being said, I will NOT resign my central committee position over this matter that the average person knows and agrees is much to do about nothing."

Tim Whitacre, a longtime conservative Orange County Republican activist in Santa Ana, defended Davenport: "Marilyn Davenport is a staunch, ethical Republican lady. There is nothing unethical about this from a party standpoint because it wasn't sent out to the party at large with any racist statements and it wasn't signed as a central committee member. As a private individual, she is just real big on Birther stuff. One of her passions that drives her is the president's lack of forthrightness about where he was born. Marilyn believes that nobody knows where he was born and so this picture says a thousand words." ...>more


And now, Teabaggers FAIL at Social Media

It's not "guerilla", it's douchebaggery; right wingnut "social media" hack explains how to bias ratings and reviews on Web sites toward right wingnuts

Thanks for the tip-off to Mock, Paper, Scissors, where commenter Count Typo writes:
I can foresee a day when groups of red necked geriatrics in three-cornered hats will march down the National Mall waving “I can haz cheezberga?” placards, prompting the White House to issue an urgent press release saying “Yez U can!”.


Blast From Your Past: Ron Paul for President Rally, Philadelphia 11.10.07

Birthers and Truthers and Skinheads, Oh, My!

So many k00ks, so little time. Get a load of the crowd at this Ron Paul rally in Philadelphia in November of 2007, which kicked off his last Presidential bid. Also check out Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One Peoples' Project having an encounter with a gaggle of Keystone State Skinheads at around the 03:30 mark.

Infowars: Ron Paul to Announce Presidential Bid Next Month

Go for the Article, Stay for the Comment Threads

Normally, here at the TW, we like to steer well clear of Alex Jones and Infowars, but this piece on Texas Rep. Ron Paul's expected announcement for the 2012 Presidential freak circus couldn't be resisted -- especially when the comments section afterward was so chock full of lulz:

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, Texas Rep. Ron Paul said he will make a final decision within a month on whether he will run for president in the 2012 election.

Congressman Paul said he will soon make a “token decision” if he will participate in a presidential debate to be held in South Carolina in May. Dr. Paul said he will likely agree to be included in the debate between potential presidential contenders without a commitment to run or officially filing legal papers declaring his candidacy.

“We’re getting awfully close,” Paul explained, “and there are just a few other things I have to iron out personally to make my final decision.” He noted no other hopefuls – with the exception of Obama – have announced their intention to run for president.

Alex Jones asked Paul if he would leave the Republican Party and run as an independent. On Monday, the former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, told Jones he would join Ron Paul as a running mate if the Texas representative left the Republican Party. Ventura declared both establishment political parties are the problem and he will not run under the banner of either... >more


The Gold-Standard Hustle

Does Anyone Here Speak Paul-Tard?

Mark Ames writes at The eXiled:

Does anyone here in this house speak goldbug-babble? Anyone who can make sense of Dr. Paul’s logic in the clip below, I’m curious what the fuck this man is trying to hawk to his 1988 C-SPAN viewers. I mean I know it’s snake-oil, but even snake-oil pitches have a logic to them. This one just sounds like bat-shit blather.

As far as I can tell, the reason why the Koch brothers hire tools to promote the gold standard is the same reason that robber barons of the 19th century loved the gold standard so much: Gold locks in the power and wealth of those who have all the power and wealth; and gold locks out everyone else who’s not so lucky, condemning them to serfdom. Which leads to Populist uprisings, labor unrest, and all that century-old misery. That would explain why Koch fronts like Ron Paul hustle the gold standard to us suckers as the equivalent to “freedom”–just like coal companies pitching the public the lie about “clean coal”–you want the suckers to believe that a gold standard will offer them the very opposite of the misery it delivers.

That part of the scam I get. Fair enough. But this 1988 gold standard pitch? Makes no sense.

Over the years, Congressman Ron Paul, hero of the libertarian cult, has hawked his beloved “gold standard” as the cure-all for [NAME OF CURRENT CRISIS], logic be damned. In this video, Dr. Paul promises that the gold standard will solve the trade deficit with Japan, the hot topic in 1988–in fact, Dr. Paul says there won’t even be a trade deficit to worry about if there’s a gold standard, and moreover, people won’t even have to keep accounting records anymore! ...>more