Charles Dyer: Teabagger, Oath Keeper, Fugitive

Daryle Lamont Jenkins reports at One People's Project:

In January 2010, we reported on Former Marine Sgt., teabagger favorite and then-Oathkeeper member Charles Allan Dyer, who is better known among the right-wing looney bin as "July4Patriot" on YouTube, as he was being picked up on charges that he stole a grenade launcher from an Army base and raped an underaged member of his family. Well when you're dealing with this crowd of idiots everything is conspiracy and nothing that you see is real, even the stuff that is. So to that end, the pseudo-patriots rallied around him enmasse, and voila, charges started to fall by the wayside, namely the grenade launcher charge and we still don't know how he pulled that off. The child-rape charge stuck, however, but in April the case ended up in a mistrial. The retrial was today. But wait! There's more! It seems that his trailer home was burned to the ground on Friday and his girlfriend is now sitting in jail on possible arson charges. But wait! There's MORE! Charles Dyer's stuff - including all his firearms were not in the home during the fire! No doubt, the looney bin will still support him, but the saner folks among us are most assuredly saying that this guy is dirt, but we need to catch up to him and fast - before he decides to keep his "oath" Oslo style or something. That's not a joke either... >more