4chan PWNS Teabaggers!

Operation "Payback Is A Bitch" Rolls On!

John Leyden writes in The Register:
A website run by the conservative Tea Party movement was overrun by the denizens of 4chan on Tuesday.

Website vulnerabilities on the official teaparty.org website allowed pranksters to divert surfers landing on the photo section of the site to smut and shock sites. It's unclear what website security shortcomings were exploited in that attack and whether these are now closed. Boing Boing has screenshots from the attack in a short article here (NSFW).

The assault coincides with ongoing DDoS attacks by members of 4chan against entertainment industry websites in protest against legal actions against torrent tracker website The Pirate Bay.

"Operation: Payback Is A Bitch" began over the weekend as an attack against Aiplex, an Indian firm that acts as a hired gun for Bollywood film studios, resorting to DDoS attacks on websites hosting BitTorrent trackers that fail to respond to takedown notices. The attacks moved on to assaults that flooded websites maintained by the MPAA and RIAA and, most recently, ACS:Law. ...>more

Another Teabagger Welfare Queen Exposed

US Senate Candidate From Alaska Received Federal Farm Subsidies In 1990s

Sean Cockerham writes in the Alaska Politics Blog:

U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, who in a recent Project Vote Smart survey opposed federal spending on agriculture, is acknowledging receiving farm subsidies during the 1990s from land that he owned in Kansas.

Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto said Miller, who is from Kansas, purchased the farmland in 1990 when he was in the Army and essentially rented it out to be farmed, finally selling the last of the 140 acres that was being farmed in 1998.

Miller moved to Alaska in 1994. ...>more


Funniest. Campaign. Ad. EVER. (so far)

...and, he lives in a van down by the river.

Remember Phil Davidson, the failed GOP candidate for Treasurer of Stark County, Ohio? Well, he hasn't let that setback stop him. He's already thrown his hat into the ring for the Tea Party ticket for 2012!

Sadly, though, Screamin' Jay Hawkins he ain't.


9/11 Anniversary, NYC: Left Keeps it Classy, Teabaggers Keep it Zany

Word of the Day: HATEFEST

Here's a quick video roundup of the day's events in NYC from our comrades in the Town Hell Posse:

Get the detailed lowdown on last Saturday's events in the Big Apple from our friends at Lady Liberty’s Lamp.