GOP Afraid Tea Party Stoner Will Crush Them

"But I would not feel so all alone --
Everybody must get stoned!"
--Bob Dylan.

Jeff Neumann writes in Gawker:
The North Carolina Republican Party is going after Tea Party congressional candidate Tim D'Annunzio because he is a druggie, deadbeat dad who once found the Ark of the Covenant (in Arizona). And he is ahead in polls.

The GOP has been steadily courting Tea Party candidates across the country because when you have smug assholes like Eric Cantor as the face of your party, well, you have an image problem. These days they're looking to tap into all of the populist rage that is sweeping across the Heartland by kissing the asses of complete nutjobs. So why is the North Carolina Republican Party attacking Tea Party candidate Tim D'Annunzio? Because he likes to party. And he's fucking crazy. A laundry list of Republican gripes, from the AP:

In Hoke County divorce records, his wife said in 1995 that D'Annunzio had claimed to be the Messiah, had traveled to New Jersey to raise his stepfather from the dead, believed God would drop a 1,000-mile high pyramid as the New Jerusalem on Greenland and found the Ark of the Covenant in Arizona. A doctor's evaluation the following month said D'Annunzio used marijuana almost daily, had been living with another woman for several months, had once been in drug treatment for heroin dependence and was jailed a couple times as a teenager.

The doctor concluded that his religious beliefs were not delusional. A judge wrote in a child support ruling a few years later that D'Annunzio was a self-described "religious zealot" who believed the government was the "Antichrist." The judge said he was willfully failing to make child support payments... >more

But, wait! There's more! Seems Little Timmy has a blog! Oh, the hilarity!


Is The Tea Party's Most Famous Racist Now A Washington Times Writer?

The TW is shocked -- shocked -- to hear that a howling right-wing rag has hired an illiterate lying racist to write for them

Ravi Somaiya reports in Gawker:
Mediaite reports that Dale Robertson, a self-proclaimed Tea Party leader and a racist who famously mis-spelled the N word on a placard, claims to have joined the Washington Times as part of its 'Tea Party Report' blog.

It's hazy whether he's just contributing to it for free, or is in fact being paid by an actual newspaper to write actual words. But let's remind ourselves of Robertson's most recent flirtation with the Washington Times anyway. When the initial allegations of racism at Tea Party rallies emerged, he was quoted in the newspaper saying "They're trying to label the tea party, but I've never seen any racial slurs." The picture here, of Robertson with his, um, risque placard, then emerged. Oops.


Top Tea Party Leader Sails Off Edge Of Earth, Calls Allah "Monkey God"

GOP Hucksters Backing 'Tea Party Express" Are Unconcerned

Zachary Roth writes at Talking Points Memo:

A top Tea Party leader, enraged by a
plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero, has referred to the Islamic deity as a "monkey-god" and to Muslims as "the animals of allah." His Tea Party group, meanwhile, tells TPMmuckraker it's not concerned about the rhetoric.

Mark Williams, the conservative talk radio host who is listed as chairman of the Tea Party Express and acts as a frequent spokesman for the group, wrote on his blog Friday:

The animals of allah for whom any day is a great day for a massacre are drooling over the positive response that they are getting from New York City officials over a proposal to build a 13 story monument to the 9/11 Muslims who hijacked those 4 airliners.

The monument would consist of a Mosque for the worship of the terrorists' monkey-god and a "cultural center" to propagandize for the extermination of all things not approved by their cult.

Williams continued:

The longest, most heavily researched and footnoted chapter in my book is about the fruit baskets and nut wads that gravitate to Islam and why it attracts such mental cases...

And he posted an image of the prophet Muhammad with a swastika on top of his head... >more


Tea Party: Dark Side of Conservatism

Media-branded "populism" has little in common with real Populists of 1890s

Charles Postel writes in The Politico:
Tea partiers proudly proclaim themselves conservatives. And rightly so.

Tea party protesters repeat the conservative catchwords of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, who built their careers fighting the “creeping socialism” of civil rights legislation, Social Security and Medicare.

Tea partiers also have echoes of a well-known grass-roots movement of the 1950s and ’60s — the John Birch Society. The JBS organized in upper-middle-class neighborhoods and among business groups for anti-Communist and conservative causes.

In tone and substance, tea partiers even sound like the JBS did. When they claim that a moderate American president is a “Communist,” it recalls the old JBS attacks on “Communist” President Dwight Eisenhower.

As today’s tea partiers shout their slogans to end the Federal Reserve, abolish the Internal Revenue Service and restore the gold standard, they seem to be lifting a page from the old JBS playbook.

For its part, the JBS followed in the tradition of the Liberty League, a right-wing citizens’ group organized by the DuPont family in the 1930s to overturn President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal... >more


How Drunk Was The Teabagger Blogger Who Mocked Roger Ebert's Cancer?

Stinking? Rip-Roaring? Falling-Down? Sloppy? Bombed? Smashed? Schnockered? Blotto?

Adrian Chen writes at Gawker:
How drunk was Caleb Howe when he made fun of Roger Ebert's cancer on Twitter? Probably really drunk. However, he does not reveal exactly how drunk in the bizarre pseudo-apology to Ebert which for some reason Mediaite ran tonight.

Last weekend, conservative blogger Caleb Howe—who blogs at Red Statetweeted some pretty terrible things about film critic Roger Ebert, who's jaw was removed because of cancer:

The thing that sparked Caleb Howe's ire was a tweet Ebert posted berating kids at a California high school for wearing American flag T-shirts to their school on Cinqo De Mayo. Also, probably a lot of vodka. But the way Caleb Howe tells it in his Mediaite essay, his cancer tweets were all an elaborate ploy to bait liberals into being as mean to him as he was to Ebert... >more


Anti-Racist Action Crashes Tea Party at Kent State U.

May Day, KSU Shooting Anniversary Marked in Fine Style

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One People's Project:
This just might be the first time we have seen ARA move on a TEA party, but even if Kent (OH) ARA wasn't holding a conference upstairs from where this thing happened, this had to happen on general princple alone. See, not only was it May Day, but it was also the weekend before the 40th anniversary of the day National Guardsment opened fire on a anti-war protest at Kent State University, killng four students. This tea party was on the KSU campus, right there at the student union. The ARA conference was on the third floor. DLJ had just finished up a presentation on how to deal with this particular crowd and and you can pretty much say from looking at this video that the presentation was...well-received!