O'Keefe: Profile of a Right Wingnut in Facebook Pictures

"Hell is other people." -- Jean-Paul Sartre

Hey, asshole: big ballers don't shop at the Men's Wearhouse.

Ravi Somaiya writes at Gawker:
James O'Keefe, the Teabugger/conservative rapscallion is pleading guilty to reduced charges for sneaking into a Senator's office to do... something. He once "investigated" ACORN. So we've conducted an in-depth, O'Keefe style psychological "investigation" of him, using only his Facebook pictures... >more


Comedy Break: Breitbart Says Gay, Black Lawmakers Deserved Taunts of "Nigger", "Faggot"

Little Andy Sails Off Edge of Earth; Claims Racist, Homophobic Abuse "Provoked"

Ravi Somaiya writes in Gawker:
Andrew Breitbart watched Tea Partyers call black lawmakers 'nigger' and Barney Frank 'faggot' over the weekend. He was outraged. That the lawmakers had the temerity to provoke a "peaceful" middle-American crowd. The black caucus should be ridiculed, he says... >more

More Teabagger Pussification: Dollar-Bill Tosser Says He's "Sorry", "Scared"

Donation to Local Parkinson's Disease Charity Begins Alleged "Healing Process"; Claims "People Are Hunting For Me"

"Please, don't hurt me!" Chris Reichart of Columbus, Ohio: yet another pussified Teabagger.

Catherine Candinsky reports in the Columbus Dispatch:
The man who berated and tossed dollar bills at a man with Parkinson's disease during a health care protest last week says he is remorseful and scared.

"I snapped. I absolutely snapped and I can't explain it any other way," said Chris Reichert of Victorian Village, in a Dispatch interview.

In his first comments on an incident that went viral across the Internet and was repeatedly played on cable television news shows, Reichert said he is sorry about his confrontation with Robert A. Letcher, 60, of the North Side. Letcher, a former nuclear engineer who suffers from Parkinson's, was verbally attacked as he sat before anti-health care demonstrators in front of Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy's district office last week.

"He's got every right to do what he did and some may say I did too, but what I did was shameful," Reichert said. "I haven't slept since that day."

"I made a donation (to a local Parkinson's disease group) and that starts the healing process."

Earlier this week, Reichert, 40, denied any involvement in a confrontation featured in a Dispatch video that drew an emotional response from viewers across the country.

"I wanted this to go away, but it won't and I'm paying the consequences," Reichert said... >more

Check out our boy in action below; he's the best-dressed guy in the place -- shirt, tie, pressed slacks, cool shades, arrogant attitude:

Teabaggers At Play

White Powder Mailed to NY Congressman's Office in Wake of Healthcare Vote Determined to be "Not Hazardous"

via WABC-TV, New York City:
New York Police Department field tests have ruled a white powder sent with a threatening letter to the Queens office of Congressman Anthony Weiner is not hazardous.

Workers reported the discovery in the Kew Gardens Road office just before 1:50 p.m.

Nine people in the office were being checked out, although none were reported to be injured.

Police say the letter was handwritten in block letters and made a threat related to Weiner's vote on the sweeping federal health care legislation.

Workers were decontaminated as a precaution. More sophisticated lab testing would also be done to determine the substance.

It was the latest in a string of several threats made against Weiner and apparently linked to the health care vote... >more

And, via Gawker, here's your latest Teabagger Terror Roundup!


Health Care, Immigration and Teabaggers, OH, MY!

Fat, Spoiled, Whiny White Middle-Class Idiots Still Pissed Off That Their Side Was Beaten By A Black Man

Garbage in, garbage out. (foto by Isis)

Lady Liberty's Lamp writes:
This has been quite a weekend to top the ride we have all had since the nomination and election of our first black president.

It’s bad enough our country has been left a mess by past administrations, but now seeing an infantile uprising of those who supported Bush, the war, deregulation of our banks (and so on…) shows that the opposition is not quite done trying to drag our country back to Jim Crow times and into the ground.

First let’s start with the tea baggers. A spoiled, whiny, childish group of over-indulged middle class white people who are angry that their party lost the election– and to a person of color no less!

This has made them ready followers for corporate insurance interests during this much needed overhaul of our health care system. Last night there was a vote and they lost, 220-211. During their “Code Red” rally over the weekend they started to lose it and got desperate with reports of racist and homophobic outbursts at black and gay elected officials on Saturday. But, what would Sunday bring? IMMIGRATION RIGHTS! ...>more


New York Times Publishes Lame Mea Culpa On ACORN "Sting" Reporting

Closes Barn Door After Horses Escape; "Oops, Our Bad", Sez Mealy-Mouthed Op-Ed

Clark Hoyt mumbles in the New York Times:
THE Times reported Saturday that Acorn, once considered the nation’s largest community organizing group for the poor and powerless, is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. It has already ceased operating in many states, including Maryland, where two conservative activists pretending to be a pimp and a prostitute used a hidden camera and recorded Acorn employees advising them on how to conceal the source of illegal income and manage 14-year-old Salvadoran prostitutes in the country illegally: “Train them to keep their mouth shut.”

The Times was slow last fall to cover that sting in Baltimore, similar ones at Acorn offices in Brooklyn, Washington and other cities, and the resulting uproar, including criminal investigations and votes in Congress to cut off funds for the group. But the paper finally described how a succession of Acorn employees had advised the pair on obviously improper activities and how, as a result, many of the group’s allies had deserted it. Now Acorn and its supporters say The Times got the story wrong and, by failing to correct it, has played into the hands of a campaign that has pushed the group near extinction.

Since the story broke, Acorn’s contributions have dried up, its national staff has been cut by more than three-quarters, services for the poor have been suspended, and chapters have closed or reorganized under other names, even though a district attorney found that Acorn employees in Brooklyn did nothing illegal and a federal judge ruled that Congress acted unconstitutionally in cutting off funding as punishment.

Acorn’s defenders say it was all because of an unethical, even illegal prank that is now unraveling. “A groundswell of public indignation is gathering strength in calling for the retraction and correction of the reporting of this story by the NYT,” wrote Joseph Holder of Manteca, Calif., one of hundreds of readers I’ve heard from since liberal groups like FAIR — Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting — took up the cause. They argue that The Times was wrong when it said that James O’Keefe, who shot the videos, was in the “gaudy guise” of a pimp when he accompanied Hannah Giles, dressed as a streetwalker, into Acorn offices, and that the paper mischaracterized what happened in the offices. O’Keefe didn’t present himself as a pimp, the argument goes, but as a clean-cut young man, sometimes a college student, trying to rescue his girlfriend and under-age girls from an abusive pimp. The Times’s version of events, FAIR said, was “wildly misleading.”

With two associates, Michael McElroy and Rebecca Ruiz, I have reviewed the entire available public record, including the O’Keefe videos and what are represented on a conservative Web site as the full transcripts and audio of his visits to the Acorn offices. It is the same record from which FAIR and others are getting their alternative interpretation. I have talked with Andrew Breitbart, the conservative Web entrepreneur who arranged the release of the videos; Bertha Lewis, the chief executive of Acorn; and Scott Harshbarger, a former Massachusetts attorney general, and his associate, Amy Crafts, who were hired by Acorn last year to investigate what happened and to evaluate the group’s management.

Here is what I found: O’Keefe almost certainly did not go into the Acorn offices in the outlandish costume — fur coat, goggle-like sunglasses, walking stick and broad-brimmed hat — in which he appeared at the beginning and end of most of his videos. It is easy to see why The Times and other news organizations got a different impression. At one point, as the videos were being released, O’Keefe wore the get-up on Fox News, and a host said he was “dressed exactly in the same outfit he wore to these Acorn offices.” He did not argue... >more


Teabaggers Open Up A Fresh Can Of Crazy

Racist, Homophobic Mob Sails Off Edge Of Earth, Demands Apology From Congressmen Called "Nigger" and "Faggot"

Ravi Somaiya reports on Gawker:
Yesterday a bunch of Tea Party anti-healthcare protesters called black and gay lawmakers 'nigger' and 'faggot'. Today the right-wing blogs want an apology — from the lawmakers, to the protesters.

Glenn Reynolds, at Instapundit, targeted his ire at James Clyburn, the Congressman and veteran of the civil rights movement. (The capitals, inevitably, are his.) "DOES CLYBURN OWE TEA PARTY PROTESTERS AN APOLOGY? The bogus racism card has been played so often that I no longer find such charges very credible. I'm sure, however, that, true or not, they'll be played much more loudly than the indisputably true statements about the antiwar movement."

Conservative blogger Ann Althouse is more magnanimous and forgiving of the lawmakers. She doesn't want them to apologise. But she does feel that "it's outrageous for them to pose as victims without very good cause. So what if some idiot said a bad word...?" >more


Teabaggers Mock Man With Parkinson's Disease, Derisively Throw Money In His Face

Just When You Thought They Couldn't Get Any More Crass...


Three Reasons Why It's OK That Clarence Thomas's Wife Is A Teabagger

Surprise, Surprise! Clarence "How'd This Pubic Hair Get On This Coke Bottle" Thomas Is NOT His Wife!

Ravi Somaiya writes at Gawker:
The LA Times report on ethical concerns raised by Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, who is an active tea partyer and conservative campaigner. But it will make no difference to anything. And here's why. In January, report the Times, Virginia, who goes by Ginni, started a non-profit lobbying group called Liberty Central that will "organize activism around a set of conservative "core principles"." She's been on panels at CPAC and worked for the Heritage Foundation, where Dick Cheney is sometimes a speaker. On the surface it's worrying — it's unfeasible to assume that the couple do not discuss politics, and are not somewhat influenced by each others views... >more


Hannah Giles Whoring Again!

Fake Hooker From O'Keefe's Phony ACORN "Sting" Video Pimps Self Out For Legal Fund

Fresh from her groundbreaking appearance in the blockbusting, revealed-as-entirely-phony ACORN "sting" video with co-star James O'Keefe, here's the Unhappy Hooker, Hannah Giles, back again soliciting -- so to speak -- for the legal fund to defend herself against the legal ass-reaming (she does do "Gr33k", doesn't she?) she brought down on herself for perpetrating a hoax in a piece of "investigative journalism" that she herself later publicly admitted was such (Just to catch you up: they never dressed as a hooker and a pimp in the ACORN office, and the video was obviously sloppily edited to depict events that never happened in a fashion suggestive of an old Benny Hill sketch).

Needless to say, the Internet is swirling with suggestions as to how Ms. Giles can raise cash for her legal defense.

Here's a sample page of the fleshy-pink, girly-styled fundraising letter mailed out by Base Connect, a GOP direct-marketing outfit. (Tip of the hat to David Weigel and the Washington Independent)


ACORN Cleared of Wrongdoing by NY Prosecutors

Phony O'Keefe Video Smacked Down; Breitbart Becomes Engineer Aboard the FAIL Train

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One People's Project:
You have got to love the crowd that comprises Andrew Breitbart's internet entourage. See, they can never be wrong, even when we play by the rules they are setting for everyone else. That means conservative propagandist James O'Keefe can be busted with photos at a white supremacist forum, and Breitbart will throw a temper tanrum at a prominent political conference whining about the audacity of associating the two of them with racism saying that doesn't mean anything, but one of Breitbart's websites will feature an article afterwards saying that the group ACORN is akin to the Ku Klux Klan... >more