Crawling from the wreckage, no. 3

Well, look who's back! It's our new Special Friend, Tim Jones, the man who hectored, harassed and hurled accusations of ACORN membership (as if it were a bad thing) at a small group of black youths attempting to practice a little Free Enterprise by selling little plastic Gadsden Flags to the knuckle-dragging mob of rightist nutcakes gathered at the big Teabaggers' shindig back a couple of weeks ago. Here he is, speaking from his top-secret compound at "an undisclosed location in Florida", attempting to justify his behavior in his own inimitable, rambling, mumbly, mealy-mouthed fashion and asking for a face-to-face with journalist Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One Peoples' Project:


Crawling from the wreckage, no.2

"You've Got The Wrong Symbol, Boy!" Video of Man Calling Street Vendors "ACORN" As He Hounds Them Out Of "Tea Party" Rally Raises Questions

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One Peoples' Project:

On the face of it, it's a video of a white man harassing a group of black kids out of a rally many feel had racist leanings. But the man says that the kids were from ACORN, a group he says is especially hostile to the agenda of the Sept. 12 "Tea Party" in Washington, DC. And he, Tim Jones, was someone who didn't want people from ACORN trying to disrupt or in this case selling flags to the assembled to raise money for their group, so he took it upon himself to make them leave. But then we add to this the fact that ACORN says they never sent anyone to the "Tea Party" rally, and in fact aren't in the business of sending people out there as vendors. This is a concern that has been raised over the past week, but Jones doesn't feel inclined to defend himself or for that matter make all that much of a presence since the video came out, and the person who shot the video is being dodgy trying to cry about our link to Max Blumenthal and telling us to "piss off". So with the credibility of both the cameraman and Jones himself in question, we have to assume with no other evidence saying otherwise, that these kids were not part of ACORN. And if we take that particular item out of the equation, what are we left with? A video of a lying white man harassing a group of black kids out of a rally many feel had racist leanings. Read on...


Crawling from the wreckage

Founding Freeper Kristinn Taylor comes clean on Ron Paul and 9/11 Tr00th: in conversation with Daryle Lamont Jenkins, One Peoples' Project


T-DAY: America Rebukes Scary Negro Socialism

"Listen! I Hear Black Helicopters Coming!"

Mike Flugennock
writes at the DC Indymedia Center (still photography by Isis)

Bitchy, greedy, stupid, paunchy White America was at its bitchiest, greediest, stupidest and paunchiest on this fine September afternoon. Never before had so many paid so much to fuel so many SUVs to be at such an historic event. The liberty to piss and moan about having a mixed-race President, to piss and moan about having to pony up for highways and bridges and libraries and schools and Medicare, to piss and moan about anything even remotely resembling national healthcare and demand the poor be allowed to sicken and die while pissing and moaning about how Obama is going to kill their grandmas, is a sacred liberty in this country, and bitchy, greedy, stupid, paunchy White America was there to exercise it.

There were people here who think Obama is a Nazi. There were people here who think he's a Socialist. There were people here who think he's some kind of "Manchurian Candidate". There were people here who were still demanding proof of Obama's citizenship even after Chris Matthews had waved a copy of the guy's birth certificate in front of everybody on TV, f'cripesake. There were people here who think the Universe is ten thousand years old.

The mind reels. One found oneself almost in awe.

Mike's video can also be downloaded as a 12.5 mb MPEG4 file from the DC Indymedia Center.


Walter Reed Teabaggers "Party Like It's 9/11!"

Despite Growing Public Dissatisfaction with Afghan War, DC's Left Largely MIA at Walter Reed Hospital Teabaggers' Tailgate Party

Mike Flugennock
writes at the DC Indymedia Center:
The largest ever concentration of white people in DC outside of a Capitals game gathered in front of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to cheer the arrival of ambulance loads of wounded, maimed and traumatized youth and celebrate religious war.

Outnumbered nearly 4 to 1, DC's Left contingents hit rock bottom this evening in a disheartening display of direct inaction. Speculation among The Posse points to the vigil being "demojacked" by Code Pink, with all potential turnout being sucked away to a safer, drier, non-threatening, invisible indoor event further downtown.

(fotos by Isis)


An Illustrated Guide to Obama-Heckling Joe Wilson

South Carolina Cracker Gives Us an Unintentional Warmup for Saturday's Shindig

Andrew Belonsky writes at The Gawker:

Chuck Boustany must be pissed! He gave the official GOP rebuttal of Obama's speech, but it's mad heckler, Rep. Joe Wilson, who's getting all the attention. Oh well. Let's learn more about Joe, a histrionic right-winger who loves racists! (more...)


THIS JUST IN: Teabaggers, Freepers Hatching Plans to Harass, Assault Walter Reed Hospital Peace Vigil on Evening Before Sept. 12 Event

Teabagger Definition (from Urban Dictionary):
"A whining fool shouting loudly for liberty but not willing to pay the bill."

The Walter Reed peace vigil has been a long standing event, supported by union members, antiwar activists and veterans. The purpose of the vigil is to shed light on the Army practice of bringing in wounded troops at night to hide the truth about the war. Freepers have a pattern of harassing the vigil; with the large turnout expected for the Teabagger/Freeper event on 9/12, the potential for severe intimidation of the vigil attendees is high.

Whatever your position on the troops, we ask you come out and lend your support. The vigil is held every Friday evening between Dahlia and Elder in front of the WRAMC sign. Signs will be provided.

Find out more about the Walter Reed Hospital vigil.

Follow the Freepers' plans to harass and assault peace vigilers.


Patriots'n'Punks: the Labor Day "Tea Party" in Morristown, New Jersey

Hate-Radio Howlers, Racist Placards Destroy Slight Modicum of Civility

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One Peoples' Project:
We are going to be straight up about this one: We went to the Tea Party in Morristown, NJ on Labor Day because we were compelled to go after we kind of got brought into it after flyers critical of the event started showing up around town, lending speculation that somehow we were organizing a protest. We came away thinking that there are people who do indeed want to address the issue a lot more responsibly than one would think, given the rep they managed to attain for themselves over these past few months. We managed to talk to a number of people there and even though we are not going to agree with each other on everything, it wasn't like we were at each other throats by day's end. We honestly will give props to the organizers for at least giving it a shot of civility. They most certainly earned it. But, alas, we were there. And this was Morristown, the town that gave us our start with a white power rally and a little bit of infamy with Nazis getting slapped around a bit at an anti-immigration rally. If we are in town that means there's a few thorns on the roses. For one, you can't have as speakers racist radio hosts Bob Grant - who was announced but didn't show - Steve Malzberg and some idiot from World Net Daily and expect that civility to last... (more)


Attention, Teabaggers: There Will Not -- Repeat, NOT Be A Counter-Action at the Rally in Morristown, NJ on Labor Day

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One Peoples' Project:

On Labor Day, there is a tea party planned in Morristown, NJ that will feature two radio show hosts that we have profiled here, Bob “I don’t have any problem with the National Alliance” Grant, and Steve “I don’t know any white racists in New York City” Malzberg. Now there has been some people who have questioned their involvement given how much these two characters over the years like to routinely pick fights with black people (don’t ask them about that; they will pretend they don’t know what you are talking about). Well, we contacted one of the organizers, Maryann Franzese and left a message on her machine and via email regarding this. She never responded. In fact, the next time we heard from her it was on Friday. She called Malzberg’s radio show on WOR-AM in New York to complain about us and someone who attended the meeting that concerned her – and apparently Steve since he cut her off before she got into the details of that concern, like how the man brought up when Steve once suggested that police break up a protest of black Rutgers students using their guns and hoses...

There will -- repeat WILL be, however, a new offering of t-shirts bearing the now-infamous "Teabagger" cartoon for sale over at Mike Flugennock's Cartoon Schwag Shop.


'Teabagger' Cartoon: Why the Freepers Rage

Jumping back about a month and a half,
Daryle Lamont Jenkins over at One Peoples' Project gives us a look at the kind of racism that's rampant over at Freak... uh, FreeRepublic.com, perhaps explaining why they're so touchy at seeing themselves and their ilk depicted as, well, racists:

Freak Republic In Trouble Over Racist Comments Toward Malia Obama

13 July 2009:
This has been making the internet rounds for the past few days, and you can expect more to come out of this today on MSNBC. For some reason, the posters our favorite right-wing smear website Freak Republic can't seem to understand why everyone is so upset over them seeing Malia Obama wearing a peace sign t-shirt and calling her "Ghetto street trash", "A typical street whore" and other sick and racist things. That's right, we are talking about the same people who went after David Letterman over his jokes about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Maybe they are still ticked off over the fact that while Sarah Palin's poll numbers dropped just before she resigned her seat for no reason (oh, wait she actually blamed Letterman), Dave's ratings have gone up since the jokes that got the conservatives all in a tizzy. Let us remember that Letterman apologized twice, even though many said he had nothing to apologize for, especially since the "outrage" over his jokes looked nothing more than a contrived political campaign...

Read more at One Peoples' Project.