If Teabaggers Are Miffed When People Call Out Their Racist Elements...Well, Jeff McGeary Isn't Helping

Newtown, PA Crank Makes One People's Project "Rogues' Gallery" for Bleatings About "Western Way Of Life"

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One People's Project:
In recent months, those who call themselves Tea Party activists have been trying to suggest that they only march and rally because of economic and fiscal concerns, never social and cultural issues. Someone forgot to tell teabagger Jeff McGeary that, given his remarks during the April 6, 2011 meeting of his Thomas Jefferson Club in Bucks County, PA:
"Stand up for your rights, your beliefs, your culture, your heritage, and your identity. What binds us together in this room and this republic guys, is worth fighting for, more than any taxes, more than any other issue, is this issue of our culture and our values and our Western way of life. And the last thing that I heard from both speakers was the word 'love'. To love your people, to love your heritage, love our national family, our culture, our value, our republic. And guys, stand up for it. It's worth fighting for. Your work, your employment, about your daily task, stand up, stand up proudly and don't apologize guys."

And if those same teabaggers are miffed that people keep pointing out the racist elements in the Tea Party scene, well Jeff McGeary isn't helping. See, the two speakers that he was referring to were noted white nationalists Peter Brimelow of the hate site VDARE, and former Jesse Helms aide Louis March, a past speaker at American Renaissance and Council of Conservative Citizens conferences who touted as successes overseas what hate groups like the British National Party and France's National Front were doing in their countries. McGeary is one of those teabaggers that have been playing it coy for a few years now, but when this meeting took place it pretty much put a spotlight on what he and his Thomas Jefferson Club is really about. ...>more