Press The Meat: David Gregory's Curious History of the Tea Party

Peter Hart writes at FAIR Blog:
 During his interview with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (11/3/13), NBC Meet the Press host David Gregory offered up this fanciful account of the Tea Party movement's origins during a discussion about internal GOP fights: 
Look, the reason there is a Tea Party right now goes back to President Bush. I actually think it goes back to the beginning of a more robust security state after 9/11; the government expands to deal with security. There's also Medicare Part D. There's a lot of government spending, and then there's ultimately the bailouts, which conservatives start to rebel against. And then President Obama continues that.
This is the kind of rhetoric Tea Party figures like to trot out when critics note that a movement that claims to be concerned about government spending was sure quiet (or nonexistent) during the Bush years... >more


Bachmann Dumbass Overdrive

Dumb Lady Saying Dumb Shit Dumbly Needs To Shut Her Dumb Pie-Hole So She Won’t Look So Damn Dumb

From our pals at Pass The Doucheys On The Right-Hand Side:
We all know Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann is a totally insane, scary-assed example of Batshit Crazy People Conservatives Think Are Fit To Govern.
She is their Evangelical Pin-Up Girl.
So what’s she up to now?

Oh, just declaring her love of the government shutdown, declaring her belief that these are indeed the End Times, and announcing that Obama can change laws just by Tweeting.

Obama is one talented motherfucker…


Alarm & Bluster II: This Time, It's Personal

Libertarian Radio Howler Adam "Kotex" Kokesh And His Tight T-Shirt Plan "Open Carry March On Washington" July 4; Claims "We Will Not Be Intimidated"

Gregory Gwyn-Williams Jr. reports at CNS News:
Libertarian activist and radio host, Adam Kokesh plans to lead an armed march on Washington, D.C. this Independence Day.

Launched as a group on Facebook, the "Open Carry March on Washington" hopes to get 1,000 supporters to march into the nation's capital with loaded rifles.

The group plans to meet at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.  From there, they will march across the Memorial Bridge into Washington, D.C. and continue down Independence Avenue.

While Virginia permits open carry, Washington, D.C. does not issue any permit/licenses to carry a firearm.

The Facebook page states:
"This is an act of civil disobedience, not a permitted event. We will march with rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny."

The event is said to be non-violent and states that if the group is met with physical resistance, they will turn back.

...in other words, they will, in fact, be intimidated.

Now, here's a blast from your past: the "Alarm And Muster" event at the Washington Monument and Gravelly Point State Park, Virginia, on April 19, 2010:


Donald Trump's Combover Just Can't Help Itself

Instant Karma's Gonna Get Ya

You know, the Boston bombing media circus just wouldn't have been complete without Donald Trump popping off:

However, Pat Robertson has been strangely silent.


Why Are Teabaggers Boycotting Fox News?

Claim Rightist Crank Network "Isn't Fair And Balanced Enough"; Brains Explode At Offices Of TW

David Freedlander reports at The Daily Beast:
Is Fox News going soft?

That is what a number of Tea Party activists are saying and they are organizing a boycott to protest the conservative station’s coverage, especially what they view as the network’s relative silence in investigating the attacks on a diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.
Tea Party versus Fox News?

File photo: Tea Party members in Montgomery, Ala., 2013; Sean Hannity, 2011. (Dave Martin/AP; John Amis/AP)

“Particularly after the election, Fox keeps turning to the left,” said Stan Hjerlied, 75, of Fort Collins, Colo., and a participant in the boycott. He pointed to an interview Fox News CEO Roger Ailes gave after the election in which he said that the Republican Party and Fox News need to modernize, especially around immigration. “So we are really losing our only conservative network.”

The three-day boycott lasted Thursday morning through Sunday morning, and is the second time this group of activists have gone Fox-free in an effort to steer the coverage. Organizers say a two-day boycott earlier this month knocked 20 percent off of the network’s regular viewership. (A Daily Beast analysis of the same data showed that the boycott had little effect.)

A spokeswoman for Fox News did not respond to a request for comment.

A leader of the boycott, Kathy Amidon, of Nashville, declined an interview, instead directing The Daily Beast to a website, Benghazi-Truth. The website, a single-page, 23,000-word manifesto complete with multicolored fonts, supposedly incriminating videos of Fox News’s complicity in a coverup, and communist propaganda photographs, is kept by someone who identifies himself online as “Proe Graphique,” and who other members of boycott described as someone who works “in New York media...” >more


Alex Jones Sails Off Edge Of Earth On National TV

In Rare Moment of Civil Discourse On Gun Control, "Infowars" Crank Invokes "New World Order", Claims "1776 Will Commence Again", Calls CNN's Piers Morgan A "Redcoat", Mocks His British Accent, Challenges Him to Fight

Alex Jones Meltdown, part 1:


Alex Jones Meltdown, part 2:


 Josh Levs and Ben Brumfield report at CNN.com:
Was it a debate? A berating? A surreal televised "stunt"? No matter what you call radio host Alex Jones' appearance on "Piers Morgan Tonight," one thing is certain: It's generating a great deal of social media buzz.

 On Tuesday morning, Jones was a top-trending topic on Twitter as people read about the interview, watched clips online or shared their thoughts after watching Monday night's fiery exchange live.

The man behind a petition to deport Morgan back to the UK for expressing his views on gun control went on the attack, calling the CNN host "a hatchet man of the new world order."

"1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!" Jones yelled. "It doesn't matter how many lemmings (mindless followers) you get out on the street begging for them to have their guns taken! We will not relinquish them! Do you understand?" ...>more