GOP Candidates Prepare for "Tea Party Debate" on Twitter

...but GOP officials unsure if most Teabaggers know how to use Twitter: "It's like a fax machine, right?"

Alex Pappas reports on The Daily Caller:

This isn’t your typical Jim Lehrer-moderated debate on PBS.

Next week, seven Republican presidential candidates will take the virtual stage on Twitter in what’s being billed as the first “Tea Party presidential debate.”

The website "TheTeaParty.Net" says seven candidates for president have agreed to participate in its July 20 Twitter debate. The group will pose questions to the candidates on the social networking platform. The candidates are expected to respond in real-time.

Radio host S.E. Cupp will moderate the event, which viewers can watch live at www.140townhall.com.

“It’s about time the candidates started acknowledging the relevance of social networking,” Cupp said in an email. “Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are democratizing the media and changing the way we consume news. It was only a matter of time before someone thought to put the traditional debate format online.”

The group says Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will participate.... >more