Batso Bachmann: "Absurd" to volunteer for waterboarding to prove it's not torture

GOP Presidential hopeful defends practice, breaks Goofy Meter again

Eric Kleefeld reports at Talking Points Memo:
In an extensive interview with the Des Moines Register’s editorial board, Michele Bachmann defended the practice of waterboarding. But would she herself ever get waterboarded, so that she could more knowledgeably speak about it? Don’t be absurd.

During her defense of the practice, Bachmann disagreed with the questioner’s premise that waterboarding is torture: “It was called an enhanced interrogation technique that was used to bring about information.” She did concede, though, that it is “uncomfortable.”

“If I had knowledge that we could use something like a waterboarding to be able to save the American people, would I use that?” Bachmann asked rhetorically. “Yes I would, because waterboarding does not kill anyone. Is it uncomfortable? Yet, it’s uncomfortable, but I am more concerned that we would prevent aircraft from going into the Twin Towers, taking them down, and taking out 3,000 innocent American lives, than I am about the comfort level of a terrorist, and what that means for them..." >more