Miss Piggy Pitches A Fit On "Fox & Friends"

AFL-CIO Honcho Calls Teabaggers "Sons Of Bitches"; Champion Purveyors Of Violent Rhetoric Whine, Stomp Little Feet; Hilarity Ensues

So, just to recap... Jimmy Hoffa Jr. delivers a typically Hoffaesque speech in which he rips the Teabaggers a new one and calls for voters to "take out the sons of bitches", followed by the Teabaggers -- who frequently show up at rallies armed and whose candidates for the House and Senate talk about "Second Amendment solutions" -- getting all butthurt about coarse, violent rhetoric. What a bunch of pussies. Here's Miss Piggy on Fox & Friends getting her little panties in a twist while interviewing Donkeycratic Party Chair "Little Debbie" Wasserman Schultz:

Now, mind you, we here at the offices of the TW aren't exactly fans of the tepid corporate centrists which comprise the Donkeycratic Party, and yet we found ourselves cheering just a bit as we watched Little Debbie flicking off Miss Piggy in what had to be the most awesome catfight we'd ever seen on the screen since the legendary stripper catfight in 1962's The Brain That Wouldn't Die, shown here for comparison: