Hot, Forbidden Tea Party Luurrrrve!

Finally, the long dry spell is broken! We here at TW Towers were beginning to worry that the Tea Party had finally exhausted its supply of top-drawer cheap laffs, but lo and behold, here comes this deliciously sordid item at Dlisted:

If I told you that picture was taken anywhere but L.A., you’d say, “Awww, what a sweet picture of a pepaw taking his granddaughter out for smoothies.” But that legal fetus isn’t Steven Bauer’s granddaughter, she just looks like she is.

57-year-old Steven Bauer (aka Manny the Tongue from Scarface, Don Eladio from Breaking Bad, Avi from Ray Donovan and Melanie Griffith’s second husband) has been dating 18-year-old Lyda Loudon, the leader of the Tea Party Youth Movement, for a few months and here they are leaving a restaurant in Studio City, CA yesterday. Dude probably has ass hairs that sprouted up before she was born and her face would probably turn into a giant question mark if you asked her if she’s seen Scarface...

...Fun fact: These two made their “debut as a couple” at the premiere of Woody Allen’s Magic in the Moonlight. Oh, Woody Allen, always bringing old pervs and fetuses with grandaddy issues together.

Mind you, as we're all hitting late middle age ourselves, the gang here at TW Towers aren't going to judge a guy Steve Bauer's age hooking up with some young stuff if he can get it -- but f'crissakes, couldn't an actor of his stature have found one with a little more grace, poise and class, not someone who looks like your standard-issue mall rat? Seriously, chick looks like she stepped on a rake. That's got to be the all-time greatest Resting Bitch Face we've ever seen. Who the hell's off-camera that's got her staring knives like that? Talk about nightmare fuel.

Needless to say, though, what attracted our attention was her being the leader of the Tea Party Youth Movement. Yeah, that's right, the leader of a whole new generation of neo-Bircher dead-enders and conspiracy cranks. Somehow, I think the Left has a little less to worry about now, knowing Little Miss Sunshine here is on top of things. Check it out for yourselves -- and, unlike our usual suggestion, we heartily encourage you to read the comments. It's pure comedy gold.