"Going Rogue" Book Tour Goes Rogue

Palin Quits On The Job, Bails Early From Indiana Book Signing; Fans Boo, Jeer, Go Apeshit

ABOVE: Future Sarah Palin (left) returns to the Present to avert coming 2012 disaster.

Foster Kamer writes at The Gawker:
Evil Twin-spawning Sarah Palin isn't catching any easy breaks lately. Should she? Better ask her fans who, oh wait, are now booing her. And when Martha Stewart calls you out, damn, you know you've set some kind of bar.

Not exaggerating. Martha Stewart got asked by CNN why Sarah Palin's polarizing. Martha calls her "boring," "confused," "a dangerous person," and a "real problem." The best is when Martha throws down on a patronizing "good for her" when told about her book sales and then, after, "I wouldn't watch her if you pay me." SHOTS FIRED!

And then there's this wonderful clip. Palin dipped out of a signing early, and got booed by her fans, who were pissed that they didn't get their books signed. It goes without saying that Palin's fans sound just as patently insane hating her as they do loving her, but hey, you can't put lipstick on an neglectful idol, or whatever. Or you can, but, she's still gonna stiff you for a book signature.

But, wait! There's... >more


Funniest. Campaign. Web Site. EVER.

Teabagging Congressional Candidate George Hutchins Ready to Provide a Gob-Smacking Good Time in North Carolina's 4th District

We're speechless -- really, absolutely at a loss for words when confronted by this pair of clown's pants that looks as if it was designed by somebody's thirteen-year-old nephew. It seems serendipitous, somehow, that this Web site appears within a month after Yahoo shut down Geocities, known Web wide as the home of butt-ugly Web sites designed by stupid losers. In fact, about the only things missing here are the blinking text and the busted inline image links.

Here's Hutchins on the Civil Rights Act of 1964:
To stop the OBAMA-NATION Socialists in Washington DC, we must first go to the root of the POISON TREE, which created all them.

This POISON TREE, is the "Social Engineering" located within the so-called 1964 Civil Rights Act, to the U.S. Constitution.

The ONLY REASON, the so-called 1964 Civil Rights Act passed, was due the fact, Lyndon B. JOHNSON, had many political debts owed to him, in 1964.

=> During 1964, if one did NOT repay their political debts, when they were called due, such a politician's political career was over.

=> Lyndon B. JOHNSON called all his debts in 1964.

To DEFEAT OBAMA-NATION, we must take a close look at all of the "Social Engineering" contained in the so called 1964 Civil Rights Act, and take legal steps to remove this "Social Engineering" contained in the so-called 1964 Civil Rights Act.

"Social Engineering," includes FORCED DIVERSITY, FORCED RACIAL INTEGRATION, Affirmative Action Quotas Based on Race, and all Privileges Based on Race, which are influenced by the so-called 1964 Civil Rights Act to the U.S. Constitution.

We must use all of our resources NOW, to prevent ALL future U.S. Generations from suffering under the same bondage which were forced upon all of us, due to the so-called 1964 Civil Rights Act.

We've already run out of the words to express our amazement at this... this... Web site. We can only suggest that you have a couple of bong hits, open a cold one, and have a look for yourself at this jangling cornucopia of cheap laffs, this motherlode of hilarity.

Go on, we dare you. We double-dog dare you.


New York Teabagger Congressional Candidate Decides He Won the Election, Really

Speculation: Candidate Hoffman Un-conceded Out of Concern for Glenn Beck's Health

Ravi Somaiya reports at The Gawker:

Doug Hoffman was the ultra-conservative candidate that Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity backed in an election upstate. The district then went Democrat for the first time in 200 years. But don't worry, it was all an ACORN conspiracy.

Hoffman's loss to Democrat Bill Owens, was embarrassing for all concerned: he was the first poster boy for the Teabaggers and 9/12 nuts, and only ran because said nuts felt that the Republican, a moderate called Dede Scozzafava, was too nice and normal... >more


The Left Finally Gets It: Teabagger Ass Kicked by Pro-Immigrant Protesters in Florida

ANSWER Coalition Ready to Rumble

This just in, from The eXiled:

The Tea Party blogosphere is all abuzz with whiny articles about how they’re being oppressed by “violent liberals,” and they’re using this video (which deserves a laugh track and Benny Hill theme song accompaniment) as proof of the Liberal Tyranny. I thought “liberal violence” was an oxymoron, a punchline in a Simpson’s episode. But maybe it’s finally coming true again, the rise of the gutsy leftie willing to fight after 40 years of leftwing slumbering in the face of relentless rightwing assaults.

Whatever side you’re on, if you’re a lover of the sport, you’ve gotta admit this adds excitement to the debate. Because in the end it’s not whether you win or lose…unless of course you’re a short-haired rightwing cop-wannabe getting your ass kicked by a sign-wielding longhair. Then you definitely, definitely don’t want to lose. Especially not when it’s caught on camera and distributed all over the internet. In fact if I were giving advice here, I’d tell that Tea Party dude not to go the Kenneth Gladney martyr-in-a-wheelchair route, because, well, look at Gladney. Is that what you want to become?

And, here's more from Daryle Lamont Jenkins at One People's Project:

While we and other antifa were chasing David Irving around the New York Metropolitian area last weekend, a few anti-immigration rallies were being held. Talk about rebranding. Now that the whole Minuteklan thing went out of vogue, the anti-immigration folks are calling their rallies "Tea Parties"! So these newly christened teabaggers decided to hold a coordinated effort to hold demos in 53 towns against immigration. Now William Gheen of the American for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC), put out an open letter to white supremacists saying they are not welcome and will be removed, but considering how much they represented regardless, like Keystone United members showing up (yet again) at Voice of the People's rally in Hazelton, PA, that letter just came across as Gheen's way to cover his ass. Well in Florida, it appears the ANSWER Coalition chose to kick some. Anti-Immigration groups are on the internet crying about a video showing a little scuffle in Ft. Lauderdale, FL involving members of Floridians for Immigration Enforcement and a ANSWER who countered their demo on Saturday. They have released a statement giving their side of the story and why they came out in the first place. We are going to hear more about this as time goes on, but before this gets buried in the media's attempt to say that ANSWER is just as bad as the Nazis because they confronted said Nazis let's hear from ANSWER. Now we have got to give props to ANSWER because a few years ago, when they organized an anti-war march in Washington, DC counter-demonstrators from what was called the "Gathering of Eagles" felt it was quite alright to put their hands on anyone that marched by. So let the right-wingers cry. Frankly, they set the bar, and ANSWER does not sound like they are going to allow crap like theirs to go...unpunished! >more


It's MOVIE NIGHT: A Teabagger Double Feature!

Local Nazis Blow Teabaggers' Cover at Arizona Anti-Immigration Rally, Teabaggers Get Pissed
"We're not racists, really we're not," say Phoenix Xenophobes

As a gaggle of Teabaggers gathered to show their hatred of foreigners and immigrants -- all immigrants, not just "illegal" ones -- a small splinter group who was basically more open and honest about their beliefs showed up brandishing a large portrait of their idol, Adolf Hitler. Needless to say, the more "moderate" faction, irate at having their true intentions flaunted in public, made it clear in no uncertain terms that they really needed to keep that shit quiet; inevitably, scuffles erupted and hilarity ensued.

Minnesota Teabaggers Punked at State Capitol Rally
Brave, Ballsy Prankster Tricks Rightist Rubes Into Cheering for Removal of European-Descended Whites from USA

Daniel Tencer reports at The Raw Story:
A speaker at an anti-immigration rally in Minneapolis this past weekend got the crowd to support more than just the deportation of all illegal immigrants -- he got them cheering for the eviction of all European-descended immigrants to America who "stole this land through genocide and ethnic cleansing."

A crowd of some 40 people showed up to the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol on Saturday to protest proposed reform of US immigration law. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Friday that the Obama administration was pushing for immigration reform that would create a pathway for the legalization of undocumented immigrants.

Napolitano said she would like to see a "tough, fair" plan that would allow illegal migrants to gain legal status if they pay a fine, pass a criminal background check, pay all back taxes and learn English.

That idea brought 40 anti-immigration protesters to Saturday's protest, as well as 30 pro-immigration reform counter-protesters, according to FightBackNews in Minneapolis.

One of those protesters, going by the alias "Robert Erickson," got a speaking spot at the rally and used it to argue for the eviction of all descendants of European immigrants -- in other words, that contingent of white Americans who these days see themselves as "real" Americans... >more


Teabaggaz Wit' Attitude!

Florida Tea Partier Running for Orlando City Council on "Law And Order" Platform Nailed in Drug Bust; Looking at 15 Years

Bob Hazen reports, via WDBO Radio, Orlando:

A candidate trying to unseat Orlando City Commissioner Daisy Lynum was arrested for drug charges late Thursday night.

Ezell "EZ" Harris was the target of what the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation dubbed "Operation EZ": agents raided his home and business, Easy Travel Plan Net, on Parramore Avenue after allegations of drug trafficking were made on October 6th. The arrest warrant was issued October 8th.

EZ Harris has been a vocal critic of Lynum for years, and more recently denounced OPD Chief Val Demings for losing her department-issued gun. He's running for city council on a "law and order" platform.

Jail records show Harris was booked at 9:48 p.m. and faces four charges, including trafficking in 14 grams or more of hydrocodone, dispensing drugs without a license, unlawful use of a two-way communication device, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

If convicted, the trafficking charge would put Harris behind bars for a long time: the warrant states it carries a 15-year minimum sentence.

On his campaign website, Harris notes "I have no criminal record. I have never been arrested."

He's being held in lieu of $100,400 bail.

Limbaugh's Dealer? More poop on "EZ" at the Huffington Post.


Fox News Is Ready for Your Protest

O RLY, Orly? "Courtney Love Of The Teabagger Movement" Hosts Paltry "Birther" Protest at Fox News in NYC; "Long-Legged Mack Daddy" Epithet-Hurling Preacher James David Manning Also Present

If nothing else, the "Birther Movement" sideshow of the Teabaggers is always good for cheap laffs, especially after being totally punked both in court, and by MSNBC's Chris Matthews who -- let's not forget -- actually brandished a real copy of Obama's real birth certificate on live TV in front of everybody and their cat. Still, inexplicably, they just keep begging for more, like the Black Knight in Monty Python And The Holy Grail after he's had both arms and both legs hacked off.

Hamilton Nolan reports from The Gawker:
This memo went out to News Corp employees today, advising them of a protest that should be going on right now. [UPDATE: It's birther queen Orly Taitz and her Birther Brigade!]

    Please be advised that a demonstration, directed at FOX News and consisting of approximately 150 people, is expected in front of 1211 today (Wednesday, November 11) from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. The NYPD will be present to monitor the demonstration along with News Corporation security.

    Although no disruptions are expected, you may wish to contact any visitors or appointments you are expecting this afternoon and suggest they allow additional time for processing. If you are booking car service this afternoon, request pick up on 48th Street.

    We also encourage employees to use the alternate entrances at the back of the building and on the C-1 level if the main entrance becomes congested. As a reminder, it is always recommended that you NOT display your building ID card once outside of 1211. This is particularly important when arriving and departing the building during the demonstration.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Corporate Security Manager Lee Boody through the Security Operations Center at [redacted].

    Karl Solterer
    Vice President, Corporate Security
    News Corporation

If you look off to the immediate left of Orly in the photo, you'll see Rev. James David Manning, Ph.D., of the Atlah World Ministries, infamous on YouTube for his pro-rightist, pro-Teabagger, pro-Birther rants about Obama being a "Long-Legged Mack Daddy". His Web site doesn't say where he got his Ph.D., though from the sound of things, he might have gotten it from DeVry. Below, you can watch the reverend gentleman in action; this comes from a different source than Atlah World Ministries, however, as they've apparently been suspended from YouTube:


Teabaggers' Anti-Semetic Cat Escapes Bag

Commenters at Politico.com Demonstrate Rare Gift of Perception, Command of Language, Grasp of History

John Aravosis writes at Americablog:

The photo below is of Elie Wiesel in the Buchenwald concentration camp. He's in the second row from the bottom, seventh from the left (next to the wood support).

Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel criticized a Teabagger protester in Washington, DC this week who held up a sign showing dead bodies from the Dachau concentration camp stacked in a pile, and compared this to the Democrats' health care reform plan. Here are a few of the Teabaggers' responses to Weisel, posted on Politico: 
     Rothschilds nothing! Everyone knows that Obama is George Soros sock puppet. Wasn't Soros Jewish once upon a time? May the Schwartz be with you.

     The jews need to clam up and accept the fact that they are in a Chritian country.

     This hollowcost thing is totally overblown by the jewish.

     Eli Wiesel should just go back to Indonesia. I don't see him condemnig the terrorist shooter at Fort Hood.

     Elie is a whiner. She should stop her whining. You didn't not complane when the libs were calling Bush Hitler.

     You know what? The fact is that at a time in history, The Rosthchild family controlled practically everything.This is a fact. Not anti semitic. I resent the Jewish outrage at everything. I am a tea partier. obama is a Marxist and takes his orders from George Soros... it is similar and these people need to get a life., Why any Jew would support the Obama administation is a mystery anyway. He is a Muslim sympathizer and the greatest threat to Israel ever to sit in the White House. Wake up Jewish community. Take off the blinders.

     Rothschild sign? Well its factually true. They were one of the primary families involved in founding the Federal Reserve and are still in it up to their necks. Obama, Bush, and every president since Wilson have done as the Fed told them. Since it a valid historical fact that this family was involved in creating and still has ownership of a substantial piece of the Federal Reserve (but nobody seems to know how much), I guess its now Anti- Semitic to discuss anything a Jew does critically? This guy is a Hebrew Al Sharpton.

     Elie, how did that whole Madoff thing work out for you?

     Elie Wiesel: Newest, most current tool of the sick, perverted, racist, anti-semetic Democrap party. Have you no shame Democraps?

     "most American jews are not very religious and many are outright unbelievers, Jews in name only." Many older Jews in America feel shame for BEING in America, rather than emigrating to Israel in the late 1940s. Many sent money to help the colonization, and a few sent Army-surplus rifles, but the majority came up with the most interesting excuses for not answering the call to gather together and forge their homeland.

     Elie Weisel is disgusting PR-seeking profiteering demagogue who has made a fortune off playing on the world's guilt trips about the what happened to the Jews during WW2. Most objective WW2 researchers agree now that the beastial Nazi''s, who happened to be anti-capitalist Socialists, killed even more Slavs and Gypsies in their concentration camps than Jews, but you don't see the Slavs and Gypsies trying to profit off the "Holocaust" like some of the shameless powerful Jews in the media.

     I sometimes wonder what has happened to the Jewish people?. The Bible says that they are GODs' people and Israel is their home land. I see so many Jews seem to have abandoned their faith and I think this has to sadden our Father in Heaven. I see many Jews that are homosexual-actively promoting it as a "normal" lifestyle. I see many Jews involved in the ACLU- which I call the "Anti Christian Liberal Union", this bothers me as how can one be against their Father and Son in Heaven who are for Life??. I see many Jews in Hollywood making filthy ,sinful movies-what happened to the good, Family movies??. I see many Jews full of Greed in Hollywood, Wall Street,etc. I see many Jews involved in abortion groups- how can one support the killing of human fetuses??, especially people who have suffered through the Holocaust??. I am not anti-semitic, I know many will come on here and attack me. I am simply stating what I see and I believe our Father in Heaven is wondering what is happening to his "chosen" people?. He sent his only son to Earth to die for our sins and I think He is wondering the direction our Country is taking??. I am praying for our Country and all the Jews in our Country and pray that our Father will forgive us all for our sins. I hope I have stated what GOD would have wanted me to say?. GOD Bless and Pray for our Country.

     Old man should go away.


We Can Haz Helthcare Now, Rite?

Lady Liberty's Lamp writes:
Did we get single payer? NO!
Did we get Public Option?
Does anyone know what we got?

Yet, watching the insurance CEO’s dump millions into K St for this:

…has been the most entertaining part. (foto by zulch)

The sad piece of is 90% of the people suckered into this "Teabagger" movement are not bad people. They are being lied to and manipulated for the sake of insurance CEO billionaires who rip off and steal from a majority of the American people...


Unrepentant Spammer to Host "Jobs Tea Party" on Capitol Hill

This handsome devil is Carlos Gil, CEO of a dime-a-dozen job-search site called JobsDirectUSA.com, which would've remained unknown to us had he not spammed us with an announcement for his "Jobs Tea Party" event at the Capitol this Friday, the 6th. However, the fact that this guy's organization spammed us with an invitation to an event cashing in on the whole "Tea Party" hype led us to save that email -- instead of shit-canning it, as we normally do with spam -- and do a little rooting around on the 'Net, starting with some casual Googling for Carlos Gil. Lo and behold, ask and ye shall receive, in the form of Carlos' Twitter site:

* Name Carlos Gil
* Location Jacksonville, FL
* Web http://www.carlosgil.us/
* Bio I'm a 26 y/o CEO from Florida. Last Nov. I lost my job and turned to online networking. Today, I run JobsDirectUSA.com & host Pink Slip Party networking events.

The URL in his bio redirects to his company, CXG Group, your standard-issue, garden-variety Web 2.0 marketing and consulting (and spamming, apparently) startup in Jacksonville, Florida -- as we recall, one of the spam capitals of the USA.

Here's the standard blather from his "About" page:

Seven years ago Carlos Gil, a Florida native, was selling shoes as a part-time job at a mall in Fort Lauderdale. Since then, Carlos has spent the last several years working in Branch and Client Management positions for Fortune 500 corporations such as American International Group (AIG), Citigroup and Regions Bank. After years of hard work, dedication and professional development Carlos Gil is now the President and CEO of CXG Group LLC based out of Jacksonville, FL...

Wowie zowie, that's some Horatio Alger story, there. Our boy went from Al Bundy to AIG middle management...not that big a jump, really, when you think about it.

With a little more casual Googling, we found Carlos' current Facebook page. We say "current" because he's apparently had two Facebook accounts closed down, but he doesn't say why, though it could be due to an effort to pick up as many "followers" as he could in the shortest amount of time.

Checking out the Facebookers he's a "fan" of, we find:
"American Free Enterprise", which is, in turn, run by the Web site Free Enterprise America, which is a "project" of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who's just recently filed a SLAPP lawsuit against the Yes Men for parodying their Web site, and who are about as Teabagger as you can get without coming right out and saying so.

Still, it looks like a few job seekers weren't entirely thrilled with one of Carlos' cheesy job fairs:

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Hundreds flocked to a downtown hotel today looking for something that's hard to find these days -- a job.

But many that turned out said they left even more frustrated. There were long lines, and that meant a lot of competition for companies' attention at the Northeast Florida Fall Career Expo at the Omni Hotel.

"It's very hard; you can see by the line and the people," said Juan Figueroa, a job seeker.

And one job seeker didn't like what he saw once he got to the front of the lines. "I'm not impressed with it at all, not a lot of jobs. Mostly schools and that type of thing," said David Pugh.

Pugh is one of more than 1,000 people who attended to look for some kind of job. Unemployed for a few months now, career fairs are only one technique he uses to get ahead. "It's pretty difficult. I do apply every day and get on the internet."

But some tell us that despite the competition, meeting company officials face to face is key. "It's going great," said Davalyn Williams, a student. "I'm just looking for a job while I'm in school."

The event was organized by Carlos Gil of jobsdirectusa.com who said participating companies were ready to hire at least 100 people. "Last year I lost my job...I decided to pay it forward and help as many folks as possible find jobs," he said.

There's no word yet how many people actually wind up with a new position today. The Expo continues until 8 p.m. at the Omni downtown.

Now, we don't know about you, but here at the TW, we instinctively roll our eyes whenever we hear some dweeb use trendy catch phrases like "pay it forward".

Oh, but wait! There's more! Seems Carlos has been reported to the FTC for spamming invites to his "pink slip parties". D'ohhhh!

Check out the discussion board at Carlos' Facebook site, where you can see him spin it 'til it pukes:
Carlos Gil A guy named George Metcalfe from Bank Atlantic e-mailed me that he reported me to the FTC and his "huge network of colleagues in Orlando" because I sent him several invites to attend a Pink Slip Party/Mixer. My response to him is, "If helping people find jobs is a crime in this day and age so be it!"

And, check out one of the replies:
Marvin White Don't be discouraged by that, if he's taking time (which he won't) to do all of that, why couldn't he just say "no, I won't be attending" or "please remove me from your list." Let him be, people that enjoy wallowing in negativity are too conditioned to even try and combat. He'll destroy himself eventually with his negativity. Keep pushing!!
October 10 at 3:50am

...to which our boy Carlos replies:
Carlos Gil He actually DID report me to the FTC b/c he sent me the e-mail confirmation with a case# but I am NOT going to sweat it. The FTC has bigger fish to fry and bigger cases to be worried about (such as: child porn, illegal downloads, fishing schemes) than some guy who is putting together events for the unemployed and sending mass invites. Like I told him, if it's a crime to HELP the jobless than so be it...I could care less what Metcalfe or any other party crasher has to say
October 10 at 8:18am

Yeaahhhhh! If spamming is a crime, then so be it! So, take that, ya' filthy Marxist public-option-healthcare-supporting scum! (oh, and btw Carlos... we got the pdfs, we got the screen shots)

But, wait! There's EVEN MORE! Check out this Facebook discussion thread containing this reply to a Twitter-spamming complaint from a Personnel rep at Capitol One:
Carlos Gil How is this for rudeness, an HR Rep from Capital One Tweets "Anyone else getting CONSTANTLY spammed by #JaxCareerExpo? I have a job and we're not hiring, now leave me alone!" Excuse me Sarah Brown but several thousand people living in Jacksonville DON'T have a job which is what my organization is trying to get you and yours to wake up and see so perhaps your company will do something about it.
September 17 at 10:18am
Needless to say, we're hoping to attend Carlos' "Jobs Tea Party" on Friday so that we can ask him about the spamming complaints and a few other things -- such as whether or not he's only concetrating on finding new jobs for unemployed fellow bankers and other "professionals" -- or, as we call them at the TW, "yuppie scum" -- or if he plans to help find work for all those people who lost their jobs building cars and computers and TV sets when their companies moved to Mexico, Asia, or anywhere else where labor and job-safety laws are lax, and where they can get away with paying substandard wages for sweatshop labor.

Oh, and this late word just in! Looks like Mr. Big Shot Young Entrepreneur has had another Facebook page shut down:
Carlos Gil Being a serial social networker has its consequences, Facebook shut down my latest account which had only been up for a little over a month. Below I have posted my newest Facebook profile.
October 29 at 3:15pm
P'ahh ha ha hah. When it rains, it pours, huh, Carlos?