Blast From Your Past: Palin Lovin' Teabagger Grady Warren Declares Teahad on "Nigras"

YouTube commenter says: "...his boner for Sarah Palin does not make him racist. Pretty much everything else he says does make this huckleberry a racist."

Sarah Jones reports at PoliticsUSA:

The next time a Tea Partier tells you they’re not racist, introduce them to Grady Warren. Warren is a self-described angry white man from the Tea Party, who explains to the “negras” (that’s racist for negro) that the Tea Party isn’t racist. Grady says he is running for President. I guess after Trump and Palin, anything is possible for the Teapublicans.

In order to properly dissect this animal, we need to flashback to last fall’s “We’re not racists, you ignorant negras!” video, where Grady declares a Teahad on us all. This video is also handy to show your in-laws after they denounce the President and you for “playing the race card” over Easter dinner and general debunking of conservatives’ claims that Rush et al aren’t inciting racism. Think of this as holiday inoculation, general amusement, and an answer to the question, “How low can they go?” ...>more