Teabagger Sharron Angle's Fringe 3rd Party Sponsored Virulently Anti-Gay Flier in '90s

"Sodomites, Brazen Perverts" Howls 1994 Newspaper Insert Sponsored by Angle's Independent American Party

Justin Elliott reports in Talking Points Memo:

The far-right third party that Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle called home in the 1990s supported abolishing "the debt money system" and ran a vitriolic anti-gay insert in state newspapers that portrays LGBT people -- or, as Angle's party called them, "sodomites" -- as child-molesting, HIV-carrying, Hell-bound freaks, according to documents obtained by TPM.

As we reported earlier this month, Angle was a member of Nevada's Independent American Party, a Christian conservative-cum-libertarian third party, for at least six years while she was getting her feet wet in politics in the 1990s. Independent American Party members told us that Angle switched to be a Republican in 1997 out of political expediency as she was preparing to make a run for state-level office.

But the details of her time in the Independent American Party have been somewhat shrouded in mystery -- which brings us to the two documents we obtained from that era.

This is a 1992 petition, signed and circulated by Angle, that was part of a successful push to get the Independent American Party on the ballot. It features the Independent American manifesto -- including the acknowledgment "That many Americans have ignored the Laws of God."

The petition says that party members support a proposed Constitutional amendment called the Liberty Amendment, which would "compel the Federal Government to halt its unconstitutional programs and wasteful expenditures such as foreign aid and welfare corruption. It will prohibit the financing of the New World Order with American taxes." ...>more


Latest Grayson Campaign Ad Rocks

At last! A "Leftie" who really gets the "End Of Days" Aesthetic!


Teabaggers Whine About MSNBC Documentary

Rightist k00ks object to having mirror held up to their faces; Lady Liberty's Lamp smacks 'em down

Lady Liberty's Lamp reports:

Last night Chris Matthews presented a documentary about the nasty right wing tea bagger hell hounds we have been covering here on LLL, Tea Bagger Watch and OPP.
We all thought it was watered down and didn’t even go into enough of what needed to be shown about these far right loonies, but, it seems to have Dick Armey’s panties all bunched up in a wad.

He sent out a long winded whine and cheese complaining that someone from the press had the nerve to mirror back the ugliness the T-Baggers have been subjecting our country with.

Let us take a look at this cry baby piece... with commentary! ...>more


Teabagger Congressional Candidate Sails Off Edge Of Earth, Claims Ability to Talk to Dead

"Gather. Your. Armies." Alabama Teabagger Rick Barber Fields Latest Entry in "Can You Top This?" Campaign Ad Competition

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? What, are these Alabama Teabagger Congressional candidates having some kind of contest among themselves to see who can make the most batshit, off-the-hook campaign ads? Here's Rick Barber, Alabama Teabagger fave, with his latest historical epic:

Y'know, we really have to give Rick credit. We can always count on Teabaggers to bring the drama-queeny goodness, and in this steaming plopper, they once again don't disappoint.

Still, we really wish someone would corner one of these guys and give them a pop quiz on the Constitution and Congressional authority. Last we heard, Congress was authorized to create any kind of court they damn' well wanted, as long as it was answerable to the Supreme Court. On one point, though, Rick's certainly right -- George Washington has experience trying to run a business with a tyrannical government riding his ass; it was Washington who instituted the "Whiskey Tax" which gave rise to the Whiskey Rebellion, which Washington was prepared to put down by raising a Federal militia.

One more thing, too, Rick -- when George Washington said "Gather...your...armies", he was talking to the French! D'ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaahhhh.



Born in Offshore Drilling, Tea Party Protest Silenced Over Organizers' Links to 2008 "Drill Here! Drill Now!" Campaign

Mark Ames and Yasha Levine write in The Exiled:
Why are the hoppin’-mad Teabaggers so oddly quiet these days, ever since the BP oil disaster? That’s what Thomas Frank, author of What’s The Matter With Kansas? asked last week in his column, “Laissez-faire Meets The Oil Spill.” Ideologically, it’s painfully obvious why the Teabaggers are now the Teagaggers: their free-market gospel got mugged by oil-drenched reality — a reality so horrific that even pollster Frank Luntz couldn’t spin the BP disaster as the government’s fault. Best to just shut up when you’re that wrong.

But there’s another, more concrete reason why the Tea Party revolutionaries melted back into their suburbs as soon as the enormity of the Gulf spill disaster hit: The Tea Party evolved out of the pro-offshore drilling astroturf movement in 2008. They even share some of the same organizers and front groups, from PR operative like Eric Odom, to advocacy groups like FreedomWorks, whose combined efforts on the “Drill Here! Drill now!” astroturf campaign succeeded in opening up all of America’s coastlines and waters to offshore drilling, overturning a 27-year ban thanks to threats of “a Boston-style Tea Party,” as one Republican put it in the summer of 2008.

We have been following this movement from the beginning. Back in February 2009, on the eve of the first Tea Party protest, we published the first investigative article exposing the hidden relationship between the fake-”spontaneous” Tea Party protests that month, and the Republican machine that backed and promoted the campaign. Our research led again and again to the right-wing Koch brothers, who are worth a combined $32 billion as owners of the largest private oil company in America, Koch Industries. Koch-linked front groups like FreedomWorks and the Sam Adams Alliance (named after the leader of the original Boston Tea Party) played key roles in both the 2008 campaign to deregulate offshore drilling, and in the Tea Party movement.

Eric Odom, the PR flak who launched the Tea Party in February 2009, is the same Eric Odom who in August 2008 organized Republican Twitter-mobs who crashed Capitol Hill chanting “Drill here! Drill now!” to force Congress to open up American coastlines to unrestricted offshore oil drilling. Odom used the same Twitter front group, “DontGo Movement,” in both campaigns: Twittering the pro-offshore drilling mobs in 2008 and Twittering the first anti-Obama teabaggers in early 2009. Odom was listed as the “New Media Coordinator” for the Sam Adams Alliance until a few days before the very Tea Party Protest in 2009.

If these organization names get confusing, then just remember this: What really matters is the money behind them — namely, the billionaire Koch money. Since we first broke the Koch-Tea Party links, other media and research outlets have confirmed the Kochs’ key funding and organization role in the Tea Party campaign, as well as defeating climate change legislation and defeating health care reform. The Kochs are the largest oil & gas contributors to the last few electoral campaigns, and their network of fronts and think tanks is daunting... >more


Oaf Keepers Back In The News

Bonehead Caught With Napalm Bomb Latest To Face Trial

Larry Keller reports from the Southern Poverty Law Center:

This is getting embarrassing. Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes keeps insisting his year-old organization is composed of nothing more than patriotic, Constitution-loving Americans who aren’t a threat to anybody.

Then his members prove otherwise.

The latest is Matthew Fairfield, a suburban Cleveland man who has been sitting in jail since April in lieu of $1 million bail as he awaits trial on 54 criminal counts related to his alleged storing of a live napalm bomb at his suburban Cleveland, Ohio, home, as well as keeping explosives at a friend’s home in Cleveland. A judge this week ruled that Fairfield, 30, is competent to stand trial. He is the president of a local Oath Keepers chapter, according to a prosecutor.

Fairfield was arrested after police found a napalm bomb and another explosive device above the garage at his house in the city of North Olmsted. They also confiscated two assault rifles and several other firearms from the Cleveland home. Fairfield was convicted and sentenced to two years of probation in February for carrying concealed weapons, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

He is but the latest Oath Keeper to run afoul of the law. Early last month, a Georgia Oath Keeper was busted for allegedly plotting to take control of a Madisonville, Tenn., courthouse and place two dozen federal, state and local officials under citizen’s arrest. Police nabbed Darren Huff in his pickup truck, which was adorned with the Oath Keepers logo, before that could happen. He was armed with a pistol and an assault rifle...>more
More on the Oaf Keepers, and their association with white nationalists, at Lady Liberty's Lamp. Cartoon by Mike Flugennock.


Shock Poll: Teabaggers Uncomfortable With Minorities

Oppressed Whiteys Believe "Lesbians And Gays Have Too Much Political Power"

Jeff Neumann writes in Gawker:

A new University of Washington poll found that many Tea Partiers believe "lesbians and gays have too much political power," and that despite hating our new commie government, they want Medicare and Social Security to remain in place.

The poll, conducted in May, surveyed 1,695 voters over the phone. 35 percent of those questioned "strongly" or "somewhat" support the Tea Party movement. So what else did the pollsters from UW find out? The Seattle Times spoke with University of Washington political science professor Matt Barreto, who told the paper:

"The data tells us this opposition and frustration with government is going hand in hand with a frustration and opposition to racial and ethnic minorities and gays and lesbians."