Funniest. Campaign. Web Site. EVER.

Teabagging Congressional Candidate George Hutchins Ready to Provide a Gob-Smacking Good Time in North Carolina's 4th District

We're speechless -- really, absolutely at a loss for words when confronted by this pair of clown's pants that looks as if it was designed by somebody's thirteen-year-old nephew. It seems serendipitous, somehow, that this Web site appears within a month after Yahoo shut down Geocities, known Web wide as the home of butt-ugly Web sites designed by stupid losers. In fact, about the only things missing here are the blinking text and the busted inline image links.

Here's Hutchins on the Civil Rights Act of 1964:
To stop the OBAMA-NATION Socialists in Washington DC, we must first go to the root of the POISON TREE, which created all them.

This POISON TREE, is the "Social Engineering" located within the so-called 1964 Civil Rights Act, to the U.S. Constitution.

The ONLY REASON, the so-called 1964 Civil Rights Act passed, was due the fact, Lyndon B. JOHNSON, had many political debts owed to him, in 1964.

=> During 1964, if one did NOT repay their political debts, when they were called due, such a politician's political career was over.

=> Lyndon B. JOHNSON called all his debts in 1964.

To DEFEAT OBAMA-NATION, we must take a close look at all of the "Social Engineering" contained in the so called 1964 Civil Rights Act, and take legal steps to remove this "Social Engineering" contained in the so-called 1964 Civil Rights Act.

"Social Engineering," includes FORCED DIVERSITY, FORCED RACIAL INTEGRATION, Affirmative Action Quotas Based on Race, and all Privileges Based on Race, which are influenced by the so-called 1964 Civil Rights Act to the U.S. Constitution.

We must use all of our resources NOW, to prevent ALL future U.S. Generations from suffering under the same bondage which were forced upon all of us, due to the so-called 1964 Civil Rights Act.

We've already run out of the words to express our amazement at this... this... Web site. We can only suggest that you have a couple of bong hits, open a cold one, and have a look for yourself at this jangling cornucopia of cheap laffs, this motherlode of hilarity.

Go on, we dare you. We double-dog dare you.