ACORN Cleared of Wrongdoing by NY Prosecutors

Phony O'Keefe Video Smacked Down; Breitbart Becomes Engineer Aboard the FAIL Train

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One People's Project:
You have got to love the crowd that comprises Andrew Breitbart's internet entourage. See, they can never be wrong, even when we play by the rules they are setting for everyone else. That means conservative propagandist James O'Keefe can be busted with photos at a white supremacist forum, and Breitbart will throw a temper tanrum at a prominent political conference whining about the audacity of associating the two of them with racism saying that doesn't mean anything, but one of Breitbart's websites will feature an article afterwards saying that the group ACORN is akin to the Ku Klux Klan... >more