Hannah Giles Whoring Again!

Fake Hooker From O'Keefe's Phony ACORN "Sting" Video Pimps Self Out For Legal Fund

Fresh from her groundbreaking appearance in the blockbusting, revealed-as-entirely-phony ACORN "sting" video with co-star James O'Keefe, here's the Unhappy Hooker, Hannah Giles, back again soliciting -- so to speak -- for the legal fund to defend herself against the legal ass-reaming (she does do "Gr33k", doesn't she?) she brought down on herself for perpetrating a hoax in a piece of "investigative journalism" that she herself later publicly admitted was such (Just to catch you up: they never dressed as a hooker and a pimp in the ACORN office, and the video was obviously sloppily edited to depict events that never happened in a fashion suggestive of an old Benny Hill sketch).

Needless to say, the Internet is swirling with suggestions as to how Ms. Giles can raise cash for her legal defense.

Here's a sample page of the fleshy-pink, girly-styled fundraising letter mailed out by Base Connect, a GOP direct-marketing outfit. (Tip of the hat to David Weigel and the Washington Independent)