Three Reasons Why It's OK That Clarence Thomas's Wife Is A Teabagger

Surprise, Surprise! Clarence "How'd This Pubic Hair Get On This Coke Bottle" Thomas Is NOT His Wife!

Ravi Somaiya writes at Gawker:
The LA Times report on ethical concerns raised by Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, who is an active tea partyer and conservative campaigner. But it will make no difference to anything. And here's why. In January, report the Times, Virginia, who goes by Ginni, started a non-profit lobbying group called Liberty Central that will "organize activism around a set of conservative "core principles"." She's been on panels at CPAC and worked for the Heritage Foundation, where Dick Cheney is sometimes a speaker. On the surface it's worrying — it's unfeasible to assume that the couple do not discuss politics, and are not somewhat influenced by each others views... >more