"Going Rogue" Book Tour Goes Rogue

Palin Quits On The Job, Bails Early From Indiana Book Signing; Fans Boo, Jeer, Go Apeshit

ABOVE: Future Sarah Palin (left) returns to the Present to avert coming 2012 disaster.

Foster Kamer writes at The Gawker:
Evil Twin-spawning Sarah Palin isn't catching any easy breaks lately. Should she? Better ask her fans who, oh wait, are now booing her. And when Martha Stewart calls you out, damn, you know you've set some kind of bar.

Not exaggerating. Martha Stewart got asked by CNN why Sarah Palin's polarizing. Martha calls her "boring," "confused," "a dangerous person," and a "real problem." The best is when Martha throws down on a patronizing "good for her" when told about her book sales and then, after, "I wouldn't watch her if you pay me." SHOTS FIRED!

And then there's this wonderful clip. Palin dipped out of a signing early, and got booed by her fans, who were pissed that they didn't get their books signed. It goes without saying that Palin's fans sound just as patently insane hating her as they do loving her, but hey, you can't put lipstick on an neglectful idol, or whatever. Or you can, but, she's still gonna stiff you for a book signature.

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