The Left Finally Gets It: Teabagger Ass Kicked by Pro-Immigrant Protesters in Florida

ANSWER Coalition Ready to Rumble

This just in, from The eXiled:

The Tea Party blogosphere is all abuzz with whiny articles about how they’re being oppressed by “violent liberals,” and they’re using this video (which deserves a laugh track and Benny Hill theme song accompaniment) as proof of the Liberal Tyranny. I thought “liberal violence” was an oxymoron, a punchline in a Simpson’s episode. But maybe it’s finally coming true again, the rise of the gutsy leftie willing to fight after 40 years of leftwing slumbering in the face of relentless rightwing assaults.

Whatever side you’re on, if you’re a lover of the sport, you’ve gotta admit this adds excitement to the debate. Because in the end it’s not whether you win or lose…unless of course you’re a short-haired rightwing cop-wannabe getting your ass kicked by a sign-wielding longhair. Then you definitely, definitely don’t want to lose. Especially not when it’s caught on camera and distributed all over the internet. In fact if I were giving advice here, I’d tell that Tea Party dude not to go the Kenneth Gladney martyr-in-a-wheelchair route, because, well, look at Gladney. Is that what you want to become?

And, here's more from Daryle Lamont Jenkins at One People's Project:

While we and other antifa were chasing David Irving around the New York Metropolitian area last weekend, a few anti-immigration rallies were being held. Talk about rebranding. Now that the whole Minuteklan thing went out of vogue, the anti-immigration folks are calling their rallies "Tea Parties"! So these newly christened teabaggers decided to hold a coordinated effort to hold demos in 53 towns against immigration. Now William Gheen of the American for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC), put out an open letter to white supremacists saying they are not welcome and will be removed, but considering how much they represented regardless, like Keystone United members showing up (yet again) at Voice of the People's rally in Hazelton, PA, that letter just came across as Gheen's way to cover his ass. Well in Florida, it appears the ANSWER Coalition chose to kick some. Anti-Immigration groups are on the internet crying about a video showing a little scuffle in Ft. Lauderdale, FL involving members of Floridians for Immigration Enforcement and a ANSWER who countered their demo on Saturday. They have released a statement giving their side of the story and why they came out in the first place. We are going to hear more about this as time goes on, but before this gets buried in the media's attempt to say that ANSWER is just as bad as the Nazis because they confronted said Nazis let's hear from ANSWER. Now we have got to give props to ANSWER because a few years ago, when they organized an anti-war march in Washington, DC counter-demonstrators from what was called the "Gathering of Eagles" felt it was quite alright to put their hands on anyone that marched by. So let the right-wingers cry. Frankly, they set the bar, and ANSWER does not sound like they are going to allow crap like theirs to go...unpunished! >more