It's MOVIE NIGHT: A Teabagger Double Feature!

Local Nazis Blow Teabaggers' Cover at Arizona Anti-Immigration Rally, Teabaggers Get Pissed
"We're not racists, really we're not," say Phoenix Xenophobes

As a gaggle of Teabaggers gathered to show their hatred of foreigners and immigrants -- all immigrants, not just "illegal" ones -- a small splinter group who was basically more open and honest about their beliefs showed up brandishing a large portrait of their idol, Adolf Hitler. Needless to say, the more "moderate" faction, irate at having their true intentions flaunted in public, made it clear in no uncertain terms that they really needed to keep that shit quiet; inevitably, scuffles erupted and hilarity ensued.

Minnesota Teabaggers Punked at State Capitol Rally
Brave, Ballsy Prankster Tricks Rightist Rubes Into Cheering for Removal of European-Descended Whites from USA

Daniel Tencer reports at The Raw Story:
A speaker at an anti-immigration rally in Minneapolis this past weekend got the crowd to support more than just the deportation of all illegal immigrants -- he got them cheering for the eviction of all European-descended immigrants to America who "stole this land through genocide and ethnic cleansing."

A crowd of some 40 people showed up to the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol on Saturday to protest proposed reform of US immigration law. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Friday that the Obama administration was pushing for immigration reform that would create a pathway for the legalization of undocumented immigrants.

Napolitano said she would like to see a "tough, fair" plan that would allow illegal migrants to gain legal status if they pay a fine, pass a criminal background check, pay all back taxes and learn English.

That idea brought 40 anti-immigration protesters to Saturday's protest, as well as 30 pro-immigration reform counter-protesters, according to FightBackNews in Minneapolis.

One of those protesters, going by the alias "Robert Erickson," got a speaking spot at the rally and used it to argue for the eviction of all descendants of European immigrants -- in other words, that contingent of white Americans who these days see themselves as "real" Americans... >more