Stupidest. Issue. Ad. EVER.

Teabagging Anti-Healthcare Reform "Issue Ad" Hinges on Claim that TWELVE BIG PERCENT of Surveyed Voters Believe Opponents of Current Healthcare Bill are Racist

In fact, if you were to ask many of us, you'll find that we're opposed to the current bill because it's another corporate giveaway, because of the threat of fines and imprisonment for not being able to afford health insurance, because of the sellout of womens' reproductive rights, because single-payer advocates were shut out of Obama's big "healthcare summit" in favor of corporations, and because the part of the bill even remotely resembling single-payer -- the picked-over old bone known as "public option" -- is likely to be eliminated as well in the Senate version.

Of course, you wouldn't know it from this scaremongering, ham-handed attempt at pro-corporate propaganda:

Read more about this steaming heap of Teabagging goodness at The Gawker...and, while you're at it, have a peek at this butt-kicking video response to the insipid "I Guess I'm A Racist" issue ad: