Attention, Teabaggers: There Will Not -- Repeat, NOT Be A Counter-Action at the Rally in Morristown, NJ on Labor Day

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One Peoples' Project:

On Labor Day, there is a tea party planned in Morristown, NJ that will feature two radio show hosts that we have profiled here, Bob “I don’t have any problem with the National Alliance” Grant, and Steve “I don’t know any white racists in New York City” Malzberg. Now there has been some people who have questioned their involvement given how much these two characters over the years like to routinely pick fights with black people (don’t ask them about that; they will pretend they don’t know what you are talking about). Well, we contacted one of the organizers, Maryann Franzese and left a message on her machine and via email regarding this. She never responded. In fact, the next time we heard from her it was on Friday. She called Malzberg’s radio show on WOR-AM in New York to complain about us and someone who attended the meeting that concerned her – and apparently Steve since he cut her off before she got into the details of that concern, like how the man brought up when Steve once suggested that police break up a protest of black Rutgers students using their guns and hoses...

There will -- repeat WILL be, however, a new offering of t-shirts bearing the now-infamous "Teabagger" cartoon for sale over at Mike Flugennock's Cartoon Schwag Shop.