'Teabagger' Cartoon: Why the Freepers Rage

Jumping back about a month and a half,
Daryle Lamont Jenkins over at One Peoples' Project gives us a look at the kind of racism that's rampant over at Freak... uh, FreeRepublic.com, perhaps explaining why they're so touchy at seeing themselves and their ilk depicted as, well, racists:

Freak Republic In Trouble Over Racist Comments Toward Malia Obama

13 July 2009:
This has been making the internet rounds for the past few days, and you can expect more to come out of this today on MSNBC. For some reason, the posters our favorite right-wing smear website Freak Republic can't seem to understand why everyone is so upset over them seeing Malia Obama wearing a peace sign t-shirt and calling her "Ghetto street trash", "A typical street whore" and other sick and racist things. That's right, we are talking about the same people who went after David Letterman over his jokes about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Maybe they are still ticked off over the fact that while Sarah Palin's poll numbers dropped just before she resigned her seat for no reason (oh, wait she actually blamed Letterman), Dave's ratings have gone up since the jokes that got the conservatives all in a tizzy. Let us remember that Letterman apologized twice, even though many said he had nothing to apologize for, especially since the "outrage" over his jokes looked nothing more than a contrived political campaign...

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