Walter Reed Teabaggers "Party Like It's 9/11!"

Despite Growing Public Dissatisfaction with Afghan War, DC's Left Largely MIA at Walter Reed Hospital Teabaggers' Tailgate Party

Mike Flugennock
writes at the DC Indymedia Center:
The largest ever concentration of white people in DC outside of a Capitals game gathered in front of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center to cheer the arrival of ambulance loads of wounded, maimed and traumatized youth and celebrate religious war.

Outnumbered nearly 4 to 1, DC's Left contingents hit rock bottom this evening in a disheartening display of direct inaction. Speculation among The Posse points to the vigil being "demojacked" by Code Pink, with all potential turnout being sucked away to a safer, drier, non-threatening, invisible indoor event further downtown.

(fotos by Isis)