Patriots'n'Punks: the Labor Day "Tea Party" in Morristown, New Jersey

Hate-Radio Howlers, Racist Placards Destroy Slight Modicum of Civility

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One Peoples' Project:
We are going to be straight up about this one: We went to the Tea Party in Morristown, NJ on Labor Day because we were compelled to go after we kind of got brought into it after flyers critical of the event started showing up around town, lending speculation that somehow we were organizing a protest. We came away thinking that there are people who do indeed want to address the issue a lot more responsibly than one would think, given the rep they managed to attain for themselves over these past few months. We managed to talk to a number of people there and even though we are not going to agree with each other on everything, it wasn't like we were at each other throats by day's end. We honestly will give props to the organizers for at least giving it a shot of civility. They most certainly earned it. But, alas, we were there. And this was Morristown, the town that gave us our start with a white power rally and a little bit of infamy with Nazis getting slapped around a bit at an anti-immigration rally. If we are in town that means there's a few thorns on the roses. For one, you can't have as speakers racist radio hosts Bob Grant - who was announced but didn't show - Steve Malzberg and some idiot from World Net Daily and expect that civility to last... (more)