Is The Tea Party's Most Famous Racist Now A Washington Times Writer?

The TW is shocked -- shocked -- to hear that a howling right-wing rag has hired an illiterate lying racist to write for them

Ravi Somaiya reports in Gawker:
Mediaite reports that Dale Robertson, a self-proclaimed Tea Party leader and a racist who famously mis-spelled the N word on a placard, claims to have joined the Washington Times as part of its 'Tea Party Report' blog.

It's hazy whether he's just contributing to it for free, or is in fact being paid by an actual newspaper to write actual words. But let's remind ourselves of Robertson's most recent flirtation with the Washington Times anyway. When the initial allegations of racism at Tea Party rallies emerged, he was quoted in the newspaper saying "They're trying to label the tea party, but I've never seen any racial slurs." The picture here, of Robertson with his, um, risque placard, then emerged. Oops.