How Drunk Was The Teabagger Blogger Who Mocked Roger Ebert's Cancer?

Stinking? Rip-Roaring? Falling-Down? Sloppy? Bombed? Smashed? Schnockered? Blotto?

Adrian Chen writes at Gawker:
How drunk was Caleb Howe when he made fun of Roger Ebert's cancer on Twitter? Probably really drunk. However, he does not reveal exactly how drunk in the bizarre pseudo-apology to Ebert which for some reason Mediaite ran tonight.

Last weekend, conservative blogger Caleb Howe—who blogs at Red Statetweeted some pretty terrible things about film critic Roger Ebert, who's jaw was removed because of cancer:

The thing that sparked Caleb Howe's ire was a tweet Ebert posted berating kids at a California high school for wearing American flag T-shirts to their school on Cinqo De Mayo. Also, probably a lot of vodka. But the way Caleb Howe tells it in his Mediaite essay, his cancer tweets were all an elaborate ploy to bait liberals into being as mean to him as he was to Ebert... >more