Anti-Racist Action Crashes Tea Party at Kent State U.

May Day, KSU Shooting Anniversary Marked in Fine Style

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One People's Project:
This just might be the first time we have seen ARA move on a TEA party, but even if Kent (OH) ARA wasn't holding a conference upstairs from where this thing happened, this had to happen on general princple alone. See, not only was it May Day, but it was also the weekend before the 40th anniversary of the day National Guardsment opened fire on a anti-war protest at Kent State University, killng four students. This tea party was on the KSU campus, right there at the student union. The ARA conference was on the third floor. DLJ had just finished up a presentation on how to deal with this particular crowd and and you can pretty much say from looking at this video that the presentation was...well-received!