Tea Party group uses actors to portray Obamacare victims on TV while opposing Medicaid expansion

Greg Sargent writes at the Washington Post:

Americans for Prosperity is up with a new ad ripping Senator Landrieu over Obamacare. It features a number of people lamenting lost coverage and higher premiums. But as ABC News reports, all those folks were actors.

That would be par for the course — lots of political ads feature actors — but for one thing. The Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity is also planning to lobby state legislators hard to oppose the Medicaid expansion, which is supported by Senator Landrieu and will be debated by the state legislature this spring. Supporters say it could expand coverage to up to 300,000 people.

In short, Americans for Prosperity is up with a major TV ad buy featuring fake victims of Obamacare, while planning a major lobbying effort to block Obamacare’s benefits from reaching untold numbers of real people... >more