James O'Keefe is back and bigger than ever!

Ed Wood of documentary filmmaking sued for defamation and wrongful termination; caught hobnobbing with white supremacists
As any of you who might follow this blog know, things have been a bit thin around here, so you can imagine our delight when our favorite auteur, James O'Keefe, hit the headlines once again. You can't keep a good man down.

Eric Lach reports at Talking Points Memo:
As first reported by Slate's David Weigel, Daniel Francisco initiated the lawsuit in Westchester County, N.Y. Supreme Court on Jan. 27. Francisco, who until earlier this year worked as the executive director of Project Veritas, claimed in a court filing that he had been "wrongfully terminated" by Project Veritas, that Project Veritas had "breached its contract" with him by not paying for his final week of employment, and that O'Keefe personally had "defamed" him following his departure from the organization. The lawsuit seeks monetary damages and a declaratory judgment to stop O'Keefe from "further defaming" Francisco...>more

 ...and meanwhile, our comrade Daryle Lamont Jenkins gives us a Rogues' Gallery Update over at One People's Project:
In 2012, the documentary Hating Breitbart, which attempts to paint the then-recently departed conservative propagandist Andrew Breitbart as some persecuted enemy of the left – which he was – who was merely getting the truth out about them – which he wasn't, was released. Ultimately Breitbart died as nothing more than someone who was trying to cover up the racial crimes of  his conservative cohorts, and he did it with flimsy evidence and his infamous temper tantrums whenever someone showed him up. We bring up the documentary because in it was a little bit of a milestone – Breitbart protege James O'Keefe saying the first words he has ever said about the fact that he participated in an Arlington, VA white supremacist forum put together by the Robert A. Taft Club in 2006.

In one segment, the documentary zeroes in on political writer Max Blumenthal for authoring a story for Salon.com where he notes O'Keefe attending this conference where the panelists were American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor then-National Review Online writer John Derbyshire, who in 2012 was fired from that position after a racist article he had written in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, and Project 21 member Kevin Martin, a black conservative who was not announced until a few days before the event. "Blumenthal said that because I was at a debate where this racist guy was debating this black guy, because I was present...then he went on to say how I organized the debate, blah, blah, blah. It's all false,” O'Keefe says in the segment just before they cut to the argument Breitbart and his Breitbart.com associate Larry O'Connor had with Blumenthal at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). "And Breitbart went after him and say, 'Why did you lie?'"

The entire situation was a lesson in how mainstream conservatives will act when they are caught engaging in their racist activism. It was not Blumenthal that was lying, it was the Breitbart crowd that orchestrated a narrative that O'Keefe was just some unknowing participant in the event where he shook Kevin Martin's hand afterwards saying he did not agree with the other two persons on the panel. But when something is a narrative that means what is being said will be the real lie, and the reason why we at One People's Project in particular know its a lie is because it wasn't Blumenthal who broke the story. We did. We were at the conference as well, and we took pictures of everyone that attended. One of those pictures happened to be of O'Keefe with Taylor in the background (foto above left)...>more

And now, it's movie time!

Here's O'Keefe's late homie Andrew Breitbart in a montage of classic meltdowns including CPAC 2010:

And, here are edited highlights of the "Majority Strategy" event at the National Press Club in September 2011. Jared Taylor is the final speaker in the video: