Teabagger Of The Day

Arizona Crank Nabs First Award Of '12 "Election" Season

Axel Grease reports at Mock, Paper, Scissors:
You can rest assured that between now and November our amigos from the Nestea-set will say, enact, produce, legislate and just fart out some of the most insane and ridiculous stuff since Mitt Romney added an elevator for his wife’s 378 Cadillacs.

Today’s Winner – Arizona State Senator Judy Burges, a Republican (what else!) from Skull Valley, AZ!

Ms. (a term I use loosely) Burges is pushing a bill in Arizona (which is quickly surpassing Oklahoma as the state with the most insane and fascist legislators) that will “wipe out any environmental program administered or funded by the government to prevent social engineering … including where we live, what we eat.” ...more