Gingrich Campaign Jumps Shark With New TV Spot

"Last Conservative Standing" campaign ad is video equivalent of gory highway accident that you can't help slowing down to take a look at

Honestly, we really really couldn't take our eyes off this. We had misgivings and hesitated to play it at first, but once it started rolling, we were spellbound with a perverse awe. If we could establish a George Hutchins Award for wretched, smarmy campaign advertising, we'd give the inaugural award to this ad. It's got everything and then some, and the music -- oh, that beat-to-death treacly piano music -- really ties it all together.

It's stuff like this that made us abandon all hope for this country, and to dedicate ourselves to doing whatever small things we could do, ourselves, to speed its collapse. C'mon, just look at this motley trash: you've got your frat bro making little flourishing gestures he learned from watching pundits on TV; you've got your pasty fat soccer mom; you've got your grumbly-voiced Teabagger posing in front of the flag on his lawn; you've got your College Republican groupie chick; you've got your doughy teenaged brat camped in his bedroom, slouched in the glow of a monitor; basically, you've got the Real America -- not the loving, diverse, rainbow-hued I Too Sing America of addled Liberal fantasies, but the real, honest-to-Dog, SUV-driving, KFC-fattened, Our Troops-supporting, torture-loving, yellow ribbon-encrusted, rock-stupid Real Goddamn' America. Tough shit, Liberals; this is the way it is.