Tennessee Teabaggers Want All This Talk About Slavery Stricken From The History Books

No, seriously; this isn't from The Onion

Daryle Lamont Jenkins writes at One People's Project:

You know, we had to check and make sure this wasn't some joke article coming from the Onion or something. We checked and rechecked, just so we were sure we weren't going to get pranked posting this. But damnit, this is a real story, and we should have known simply from the fact that it was conservatives from Tennesseee. For some reason that particular crowd pulls something racist and downright stupid out of their collective behinds without fail every few months. So we are just assuming that the teabaggers there felt they were past due their latest racist WTF. To that end they give us this: They come up with a list of demands to the state legislature, among them to educate students about the "truth" about America and her history - which to them means leaving out that pesky "minority experience", particularly slavery, because it obscures the contributions of the Founding Fathers or the majority of citizens! Yes, they actually wrote this, and they held a press conference to announce it! We have to be honest and say this is too damned bold a statement for people to make without being associated with some WP group or whatever. Were one to look at those who have stepped forward, one would more than likely find some connection in paleoconservative circles that would prompt your average political insider to keep their distance from them. But even if there isn't that connection, you can pretty much add these folks to the People Who Aren't Helping file for teabaggers who are having a devil of a time trying to shake the racist charge. Sucks to be them. ...>more