So, Timmy... How'd That Siege Thing Work Out?

Wannabe Right-Wing Populist Uprising Leader Disappointed In Turnout At January 21 "Siege Of DC"

Fantastically unpublished Western writer and failed revolutionary Timothy Davis writes at the Guardians Of Liberty blog:
Tomorrow is the 24th and if the lack of participation is anywhere near the same as on the 21st, which I highly expect it will be, then the idea of a siege, or holding our representative's feet to the fire and making them battle through the trials of ripping Obamacare out of the lawbooks will largely have been for nothing. I know, I know, we accomplished something, yes, I agree. No effort is without result, either good or ill.

The 24th will not be the end of anything, or indeed the start, but a necessary stop along the winding path of justice and liberty. On the long, rising grades of a steam engine in the mountains, a good dose of water is needed. While maintaining the momentum would seem to be the wisest choice, going up the hill without sufficient water for steam is insane. There can be no good outcome of that. So, like the locomotive, I have stopped here in DC as a moment of necessary taking on water for the grade ahead...

Translation (by our comrades at The Liberty Lamp):
"you're all a bunch of stinky butts because no one wanted to support my confrontational and thinly veiled attempt to threaten members of congress to listen to my half-baked and functionally retarded demands (buy my book) so I'm going to be the ULTRA SUPER PATRIOT and write some rambling quasi-jeffersonian (buy my book) screed about how I've got more patriot points than all of you FALSE patriots, because I ACTUALLY WENT TO (buy my book) WASHINGTON DC when it's COMMON KNOWLEDGE that BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA has NEGRO DEATH SQUADS of KENYAN ACORN MARXISTS roaming the streets and scanning everyone's precious bodily (buy my book) fluids to find out who the TRUE PATRIOTS ARE so they will be MARKED FOR EXECUTION!"