Teabaggers Whine About MSNBC Documentary

Rightist k00ks object to having mirror held up to their faces; Lady Liberty's Lamp smacks 'em down

Lady Liberty's Lamp reports:

Last night Chris Matthews presented a documentary about the nasty right wing tea bagger hell hounds we have been covering here on LLL, Tea Bagger Watch and OPP.
We all thought it was watered down and didn’t even go into enough of what needed to be shown about these far right loonies, but, it seems to have Dick Armey’s panties all bunched up in a wad.

He sent out a long winded whine and cheese complaining that someone from the press had the nerve to mirror back the ugliness the T-Baggers have been subjecting our country with.

Let us take a look at this cry baby piece... with commentary! ...>more