Teabagger Congressional Candidate Sails Off Edge Of Earth, Claims Ability to Talk to Dead

"Gather. Your. Armies." Alabama Teabagger Rick Barber Fields Latest Entry in "Can You Top This?" Campaign Ad Competition

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? What, are these Alabama Teabagger Congressional candidates having some kind of contest among themselves to see who can make the most batshit, off-the-hook campaign ads? Here's Rick Barber, Alabama Teabagger fave, with his latest historical epic:

Y'know, we really have to give Rick credit. We can always count on Teabaggers to bring the drama-queeny goodness, and in this steaming plopper, they once again don't disappoint.

Still, we really wish someone would corner one of these guys and give them a pop quiz on the Constitution and Congressional authority. Last we heard, Congress was authorized to create any kind of court they damn' well wanted, as long as it was answerable to the Supreme Court. On one point, though, Rick's certainly right -- George Washington has experience trying to run a business with a tyrannical government riding his ass; it was Washington who instituted the "Whiskey Tax" which gave rise to the Whiskey Rebellion, which Washington was prepared to put down by raising a Federal militia.

One more thing, too, Rick -- when George Washington said "Gather...your...armies", he was talking to the French! D'ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaahhhh.