White Power "House Band" Connected to Hutaree Militia

Rightist Musicians/Tea Party Organizers' Alliance to Domestic Terror Group Revealed

Mediocre rightist rockers infest Capitol grounds.

Lady Liberty's Lamp writes:

Back in July there was a Tea Bagger shindig in Upper Senate Park...

At this event was a band called POKERFACE who provided the sound system, security and entertainment.

Well, it appears that Pokerface also has a strong connection to the Hutaree militia who were just arrested for plotting a domestic terrorist attack on the local law enforcement.

Pokerface has more of a past with Hutaree than they’re letting on, going so far as to issue the following statement on their site:

“At the present time, Poker Face has no comment on the situation developing/unfolding with the Hutaree folks. But given the governments track record against we the free, it makes us suspect government motives first, not the Hutaree…We pray that cooler heads prevail, and we are talking about ALL sides.”