ALARM AND BLUSTER: Your April 19 DC Gun Nut Video Roundup

Area Gun Nuts Infest DC with Boneheaded Rhetoric, Invade Suburban Virginia Parks "Strapped"; Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Invoked At Least Four Times

The Town Hell Posse reports from the DC Independent Media Center:
Y'know, we almost had to feel sorry for these doorknobs, working their poor asses off trying to spin attention away from Timothy McVeigh by invoking the Battle Of Lexington, Oklahoma City, Waco, and the big daddy of 'em all: the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. We just love how these wastes of DNA try to divert us from the destruction of the Murrah Building by someone who was just like them by bringing up Warsaw. It's such ham-handed, Babe Ruth League quality spin-doctoring, too, that you just can't help but feel sorry for their ignorant asses.
They slammed the crazy pedal to the floor and never looked back when Chicago rightist talk-radio howler Erich "Mancow" Muller hit the stage and promptly started wailing about Obama's "problem with god" and about how Haiti was founded on voodoo and Satanism and didn't let up until the scene hit the Virginia suburbs, first at Fort Hunt Park and later at Gravelly Point, as close as Virgina gets to DC -- and also directly under the flight path of National Airport. Oh, the hilarity.
Download video as mpeg4 file, 23.4mb