Welcome, One and All!

Welcome, folks, to the Entirely Unofficial Blog dedicated to following the organizing of the upcoming September 12 Teabaggers' March On Washington. Here, for your downloading and wheatpasting pleasure, is the Entirely Unofficial Teabagger Welcome Poster created by famed Washington, DC Indymedia cartoonist Mike Flugennock:

The July 4th Teabaggers' Shindig on Capitol Hill covered at Lady Liberty's Lamp has certainly left us inspired, to say the least. Never did we hear a gang of astroturfers yell more loudly about not being astroturfers even as they were funded by PACs run by characters like Dick Armey, and never did we hear more yelling from a group about how they aren't about Left or Right, even while they never missed an opportunity to slag on the Left -- or even on ordinary Liberals, for that matter -- as the lot it was our fortune to cover this past Fourth Of July:

What got us even more was their total ignorance of the causes and effects of events that happened before January 20, 2009 -- forgetting, for instance, that the current corporate bailout fiasco was initiated by George W. Bush (foto by Isis, at Lady Liberty's Lamp).

Listening to the howls from the stage and checking out the composition of the crowd, it was as if the single reaction from the Teabagger Massmind boiled down to "OMFG, the President is a N1GG3R!" -- like the old-timer in Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles, hollering from the top of the church steeple, "Here comes the new sheriff, and he's a big..." ...and it sure as hell didn't help any as their event was organized and staged by members of a well-known White Power band, Pokerface (foto by Isis, at Lady Liberty's Lamp).

So, once again, welcome one and all, and here's hoping -- jeezus, there's that word "hope" again -- that some of you enterprising anarchists and antifascists out there will take this information and run with it, and organize a rousing welcoming committee for our "libertarian" (spit) friends heading for Washington, DC on September 12, 2009!

Yer pal, The Teabagger Watcher, and the gang here at The Teabaggers Are Coming!

(...and for the further lowdown, there's reports on the July 4th Capitol Hill Teabaggers' rally here, and on "Poison Ivy In The Astroturf" -- including video, here.)