Town Hall Smackdown! Rep. Barney Frank Flicks Off Wingnut Brandishing Poster of Obama Altered to Look Like Hitler

At a health care "town hall" event hosted by Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, a rightist nutcake waving a poster of Obama altered to resemble Hitler asked one of the inevitable questions about the rumoured "death panel" which supposedly will decide whether or not an elderly patient would be euthanized through the denial of health care, predictably referring to this as a "Nazi policy".

Granted, as progressive/Green/left types, we've never been impressed by PBS Liberals like Barney Frank, but on this night he was in awesome form, flicking off this flaky-assed broad like a fly:

You go, Barney! Needless to say, we here at TTAC are positively licking our lips at the prospect of attending the upcoming August 25 town hall with Virginia Rep. Moran out in Reston.