George Hutchins is running for Congress again -- no, really, seriously

Remember George Hutchins, the North Carolina Teabagger who posted The Funniest Campaign Web Site Ever? Well, he's running for Congress again. No, really, seriously. Here he is being interviewed by Adam Kokesh And His Slightly Tight Tank Top. Those of you whose long-term memories go back before the last "election" will remember Adam "Kotex" Kokesh as one of the co-founders of Iraq Veterans Against The War, marching alongside the likes of Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink -- until Kokesh suddenly veered hard to the right, into the Paultard Lane. Kokesh was later famous for his program "Adam Vs. The Man" which ran for a time on the Russia Today channel until it was booted for doing Ron Paul fundraising on the air -- on-air political fundraising on a TV network run by a foreign government being the huge no-no that it is.

So, Adam And His Slightly Tight Tank Top Vs. The Man is currently relegated to YouTube, where it's doing a slow fade -- except for occasional flashes of entertaining brilliance, such as this: