CPAC 2012 Occupied!

...and that was only the beginning!

OCCUPY CPAC! from Wespennest on Vimeo.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins reports at One People's Project:
It was only a matter of time, although we are amazed it took this long, that the nonsense coming from the right at the Conservative Political Action Conference would get the attention of those that have just about had enough of this crap.

For the first time in the entire 39-year history of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a major protest, spearheaded by the Occupy movement, was held in opposition to the event being held at the Marriot Wardman Hotel, which has been plagued with a low morale among attendees and the embracing of open white supremacists who organized and participated in workshop alongside Republican elected officials as well as served as CPAC co-sponsors. It is a marked development for an event that over the past four years has increasingly the go-to event for the conservative sensationalists and hatemongers that threaten the growth of the Republican Party and conservatism overall...