James O'Keefe and the Teabuggers: The Continuing Saga

The Envelope, please...!

This week James O'Keefe, famous for his "investigative reporting" on ACORN consisting of wearing a really bad pimp outfit and doing a really bad job of impersonating a pimp, was arrested with three others for the attempted bugging of Senator Mary Landrieu's office in New Orleans -- and videotaped themselves doing it while doing really bad impersonations of telephone company workers.

What with the media shitstorm breaking loose over this, we at the TW thought this might be a good time to pore over all the juicy nuggets of media goodness, and present the best to you -- thanks and big ups again to one of our faves, Gawker:

01.26.10: What We Know About The Republican Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight:
So who are the four geniuses who got arrested by the FBI yesterday for—apparently—trying to tap the phone of a sitting U.S. senator?

James O'Keefe, Robert Flanagan, Stan Dai, and Joseph Basel, were arrested by U.S. Marshals yesterday for "entering federal property under false pretenses for the purpose of committing a felony" after they allegedly dressed up as telephone repairmen and attempted to tamper with the phones of Sen. Mary Landrieu's New Orleans office. O'Keefe is 25 years old, the rest are all 24... >more

01.27.10: Teabuggers, Day 2: Let's Not Jump To Conclusions...
When it comes to the arrest of James O'Keefe, patron Andrew Breitbart is not jumping to conclusions. The MSM may want to convict O'Keefe, but Breitbart is waiting for the facts, so that he can ignore the inconvenient ones.

Here's Andrew's first full blog post on the O'Keefe's little plot to "interfere" with the phones in Sen. Mary Landrieu's office, after he gave a couple ass-covering statements about having no idea what O'Keefe was up to:
I'm sure [the liberal media] would like to believe O'Keefe is stupid enough to try to "wiretap" a sitting U.S. senator in broad daylight during office hours, while recording the entire sequence of events on his cell phone camera. And they'd like you to believe it, too.

But there is absolutely no allegation in the criminal complaint that "wiretapping" or "bugging" is any part of this case, just the charge that O'Keefe and the others entered Sen. Landrieu's office in New Orleans "for the purpose of interfering with the office's telephone system."...>more

01.07.10: Drudge Protegé Andrew Breitbart "Goes To War":
Here comes BigJournalism.com. Drudge protege Andrew Breitbart has just launched his new media site and he's ready for war.

Breitbart, the Washington Times columnist and mogul of news aggregator Breitbart.com, Breitbart.tv, Big Hollywood and Big Government, made his name as a Drudge Report editor.

Breitbart told us in a phone interview that he's going to war with biased old-media — and even new media types, from The New York Times to Anderson Cooper to the Huffington Post — with his new site.

He said: "I'm trying to fill a huge market void for original reporting and fact based journalism" for the "silent minority around the world" (that would be the right).

"This metaphorical warfare. This is not real bombs, but this is word bombs."...>more

And, now, gang, let's go out to the movies!

For our opening feature, we see that Fox News is devestated -- devestated -- by the arrest of Andrew Breitbart's little boy O'Keefe for breaking and entering on Government property:

...and, to ice off this lip-smacking good Media Nugget Cake, here's Matt Drudge's butt-buddy Andrew Breitbart, melting down in an MSNBC interview: