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An Andrew Beacham Spectacular!

Hiya, boys and girls; sorry to be gone so long, but have we got a boatload of goodies for you today!

Take a good look at this character shown here: one of our Top Ten Teabaggers, Andrew Beacham, anti-abortion activist with domestic terrorists Operation Rescue, who brought you the assassin of Dr. George Tiller -- at top left, being hauled off by the cops at the University of Maryland during Obama's healthcare speech; at top right, outside Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia on the first day of school last month; and, bottom, at the big Teabaggers' shindig on September 12.

And for a real treat, catch our boy in action in the video below, at a press conference held by Operation Rescue at the National Press Club in Washington back in August. Check him out at 03:50 through 04:36:

And, now, for our piece de resistance, a leaked advance copy of a literary masterwork: The Complete Tweets Of Andrew Beacham. See him brag about infiltrating a Planned Parenthood media training session in May:

# Yesterday, I infiltrated a Planned Parenthood media training lecture. "We are happy with the current healthcare proposal" they said. 12:08 PM Aug 13th from web

Oh, how we trembled here at the offices of TW upon first reading these diamond-hard nuggets of post-post-modern haiku. We just loved how he delivers the news of Planned Parenthood's support for the bill; you can almost imagine the same tone of voice alerting us that the Chinese were going to attack next week.

Download the entire works here as a .pdf, if you dare -- 1.5mb of the noble, fighting, poetic soul of a man in tortured outpourings of 140 characters or less. (Oh, and, Andy? We have the screen shots.)