James "Pimp" O'Keefe Hurting People Again...

...and the Governor of New Jersey loves it

(at left: Passaic, NJ Special Ed teacher Alissa Ploshnick, James O'Keefe's latest target for personal destruction.)

Daryle Jenkins writes at One People's Project:

Okay, it's official. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is an utter and complete fool. We thought that when seasoned conservative propagandists like L. Brent Bozell started to kick amateur conservative propagandist James O'Keefe to the curb after his discredited stunts, a standing governor would be that last person to heap praise on him for one of them. And we most certainly would not expect the subject of such stunts to end up being punished for them. But here we are again. A few weeks ago, O'Keefe, still smarting from the failed stunt to smear a CNN reporter, went to a convention for the New Jeresy Education Association, the teacher's union that has been at war with Gov. Christie after he declared it on them. One of his underlings talked up (or rather hit on) a teacher there named Alissa Ploshnick to get her to open up enough to say something that they could use later in the latest of O'Keefe's doctored videos. Now at the time, NJEA officials said they weren't going to do anything because O'Keefe had no credibility to be concerned about, but Ms. Ploshnick, a special education teacher in Passaic, NJ, was suspended for nine days and will be docked a pay raise because of what he and his boy produced. But once again, O'Keefe might be in hot water. See, not only is Ms. Ploshnick considering a lawsuit against O'Keefe and his crew for their stunts, but apparently he has been caught hanging out around her house as well. Now if he gets in trouble for harassing this teacher, that's a probation violation, and he won't be videotaping anyone for awhile. The thing is, that should not be the only thing that makes him go away. Truth of the matter is no one should have any dealings with him, and definitely don't take actions based on his videos. ...>more